True Romance: Gifts of Love & Revenge

The notion of Valentine’s Day is daunting for some, and downright nauseating for others. For many, 14 February marks an unimportant date created by marketers and gift card makers, with little to no bearing on real life. But what about us hopeless romantics? The idea of love is a broad subject to address, though I believe we all want to feel love, have felt something like it, or have lost it somewhere along the way. Are you in the throes of early passion? Do you have a secret crush, or are you bitterly on the edge of it all?

Even people in steady relationships have shocking, lonely days, yet if you’re on the outer, you wouldn’t believe it. Our Valentine’s edit is here to lift your spirits – to encourage you to flip your skirt up to life and splash out on you, because you love you. That’s it. Or, you could pass it on to your sweetheart, with a kiss to the forehead and whisper that a giant plush teddy holding a satin heart could be ‘curtains’. Love isn’t always enough. There are certain standards we must create for ourselves, if it’s what we desire.

Included in our edit is a crop of exciting Australian designers like Melbourne jewellery brand Kitsu, DI$COUNT UNIVER$E, Fitzroy florist Flowers Vasette, A Rock On A Lens out of Perth and Shona Joy from Sydney, plus heaps more. Click pics for a closer look, and see the brand list below to bring it all home. Romance is upon us, are you feeling the love?

Vasette Romantic‘Romantic’ by Flowers Vasette: a mix of red, pink and creamy white waterlilies, amaranth, tuberose and lotus flowers


Bright Eyes

Before you step out of the house on St Valentine’s Day, let’s contemplate what it’s like to be looking for love, or to have actually found it. Either way you should show the world you you have arrived, and you are ready! These A Rock On A Lens frames will send the message loud and clear. Pictured below: ‘Nixie’ and ‘Bramble’.


Hopelessly Devoted to You

Adorn yourself in crisp white and delicate ballerina pinks, to show your pretty, pure side of the hot love persuasion. Contrast with gold and shades of berry and wine. You will be fresh, flowy, flirtatious, and step straight into someone’s daydream.


Vasette Pretty


Upper L-R: Third Drawer Down Instrument Pin Badge X Puebco, Limedrop Vegan Leather Vernita Blouse in apricot blush, EDIT The Brand strappy full peplum dress, A Rock On A Lens ‘Femi’ sunglasses, Jerome Dreyfuss handbag, Lucy Folk Aztec Pearl earring, Limdedrop Vegan Leather Budd Skirt in apricot blush, OPI Nail Lacquer in Ro-Man-ce on the moon, Jerome Dreyfuss ‘Beatrice’ split suede shoes in burgundy
Lower L-R: A Rock On A Lens ‘Nongke’ sunglasses, EDIT The Brand sleeveless midi dress in baby pink, EDIT The Brand box pleat top in red raffia, Kitsu ‘Heart’ hoops in polymer & sterling silver, kikki.K ‘Break the Rules’ A5 journal, EDIT The Brand shorts in red raffia, Jerome Dreyfuss ‘Nestor’ Festival bag in creme lambskin, Lucy Folk Sugar Cube clutch.
Above: ‘Pretty’ by Flowers Vasette: a fresh posy of seasonal pink blooms of hydrangea, black berries and cluster roses


Lady in Red

Be bolder than you ever thought you’d dare. Be that lady in the beautiful silk dress or the super tight tube skirt. Wear your love letter jewellery. You’ll feel proud and fierce, and my will it show. Add touches of leopard to give a hint of your wild, feline side.


L-R: By Charlotte ‘be my love’ bracelet, Limedrop Viper Rib Top in capsicum, Shona Joy ‘The Conquest’ cross back mini dress, Limedrop ‘Heart’ studs in rose gold, Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick in ‘Call me Crazy’, Jerome Dreyfuss ‘Popeye’ leopard bag, Limedrop Sofie Rib Midi Skirt in capsicum, By Charlotte ‘Dhan’ya’ bracelet, Chloe EDP 100ml
Below: ‘Enchanting’ by Flowers Vasette: Red roses nestle among fascinating flowers and foliages of amaranth and scabiosa

Vasette Enchanting


Lovers on the Street

If you’re feeling amorous, yet defiantly independent, you may prefer to step down on the romantic cuts, and keep it closer to your every day wear. Perhaps you won’t grow old together. Maybe you don’t know what this thing is that you’re in. Who cares? Enjoy it. Shower love on yourself, and guard against any awkward moments (quick, scrunch up that V Day card!).



Upper L-R: Topshop Heart print shirt, Limedrop Taffeta Pants in capsicum, Être Cécile Parisienne Boyfriend Breton Stripe Sweater, Elizabeth Arden nail colour in Hello Sailor, kikki.K Write Your Tomorrow A5 hard cover notebook, Third Drawer Down Eyes of Mine Handkerchief x Yayoi Kusama, Lucy Folk Aztec Pearl earring Lower L-R: DI$COUNT UNIVER$E Loose Lips sequin kimono, Jerome Dreyfuss ‘Billy’ bag, Jerome Dreyfuss ‘Davina’ blanc gris calfskin shoes, DI$COUNT UNIVER$E ‘Hand$ Off’ basic mini dress
Below: ‘Graceful’ by Flowers Vasette: a beautiful arrangement of seasonal pinks and whites of dahlias, roses, hydrangea and lisianthus

Vasette Graceful


Underneath it All

The most beautiful things are often hidden from view (until later). Wrap yourselves in delicate silks and lace, whether or not you’re expecting company.


Upper L-R: Porte A Vie, Gooseberry Intimates Black Paris Body Demi, Porte A Vie Something Wicked Blush Sophia Padded Soft Cup Bra and High Waist Silk French Brief, Porte A Vie NATALIJA Black Robe, Porte A Vie NATALIJA Lace trim Ivory Robe, Intimo Limoncello Push Up Bra and Bikini Brief

The Love Gallery

Here are the perfect accoutrements to make loving so much better (or cheekier). Click below to view the gallery. Now, where’s that key?


Shop Like Lovers Do:


Pictured at top: Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette from True Romance, 1993

This editorial was created by Melissa Ogier at The Garb Wire. Images supplied with thanks by A Rock On A Lens, Flowers Vasette, DI$COUNT UNIVER$E, Kitsu, Trish Nicol Agency, EVHPR, Village Green PR, The Audience Agency, Coty Inc, MFPR, Paper Mache Tiger and Golightly PR.


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