NYFW: Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 Runway Show

The Marc Jacobs runway at Park Avenue Amory is a dramatic circular arena, providing a starkly white contrast to the dramatic hues of shiny black, magenta, gun metal grey, purples, deep plum and wine.


Make up is gothic inspired, with batwing liquid eyeliner applied on clean canvas faces. Lips are pale.

Long, boxy coats envelope appliqué detailed silks, and broderie leather full length skirts, rouched gowns, black feathers and exaggerated pussy bows!  Heavy tweed and pinstripes add another texture to the runway. There are black and white polka dot details and purple stripe floor sweeping dresses, among our favourites, but the standout piece is the oversized sweater with the crochet lace collar.

Marc Jacobs2


See below the transcript of banter between myself and Tinks (TGW contributor, citizen of the world) during the NYFW Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 Runway show which streamed live on marcjacobs.com a short while ago.


CT: Marc Jacobs live now on marcjacobs.com

TGW: Oh, the music is a relief from the last one.

CT: Ding dong. Love the clothes, hate the shoes!

TGW: Stevie Nicks. Whoops love, don’t fall.

CT: Apparently the show is based on the Japanese concept of Ma, which means pause, or space

TGW: Thanks. Love the striped bows.

CT: You can thank Eva Chen on Instagram. Haha. Love the bows.

TGW: Me too! Already noted. Huge! Love the striped floor length gowns.

CT: Love.

TGW: Distinctive.

CT: What do we think of the new Double J logo on the bags?

TGW: Finger rolls in hair…

CT: I hate myself for loving furs, but I do.

TGW: …with a modern rats tail. Yes! Feathers! Haven’t seen the logo yet.

CT: It looks like an oval but it’s actually two ‘J’s

TGW: Helena Bonham Carter has joined us. Racing checks not approved.

CT: It’s runway photo fodder.

TGW: Ma’s in my brain now. Mentallll. Skunk on checked cape shoulder.

CT: The bells are starting to grate. Wind chime memories.

TGW: A last ding for effect.

CT: Oversized sweater with crochet lace bib LOVE.

TGW: Yes! I just wrote a note on that one. SNAP! I wonder who’s playing the triangle?

CT: Bow city. Gaga.

TGW: Maybe it’s Blanche from Grease.

CT: Snorts. Aaaaand, we’re out.

TGW: Thanks darls.

CT: It’s amazing all the effort that goes into that twenty minute show, and then it’s all over. It’s back to work for me.



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