The Glam Wire: Express Makeover with The Distinctive Dame

It wasn’t exactly a hard sell to leave my family on a sunny Sunday to get made over by The Distinctive Dame ladies at a Brunswick pub.

Like they have done many times before, the dames set up a temporary salon offering services of in-venue primp and preen. My friend Kerry came along for company and prosecco laughs, or as she put it, to act as my manager.

Meeting Margeaux and Evie for the first time was great. I immediately felt at ease with them – both independent, affable women, confidently self-positioned in a stylised time warp. I took a seat and declared that it had been a late night, and I had just driven two hours from the beach. Zzzzz. Hello bandicoot.

DD Before
Before: Say no more.

The brief: Flawless skin, a smoky eye and neutral lip. More Josephine Baker, less Grace Jones. Make the hair as high as possible – I was attending the VAMFF Head Babes In Charge Offsite Runway show that evening – subtle is strictly forbidden in that scene.

The process: Over giggles and banter, Margeaux and Evie went to work. I hardly felt that my hair was being styled to epic proportions. Yes, hairspray is painless (unless you’re a mouth breather), but I commented on how gently they worked. Evie was the first makeup artist I’d come across who was able to apply eye make up without making my sensitive eyes go wild with tears. That, is talent.

The Distinctive Dame products are proudly cruelty free (not tested on animals) and vegan friendly, and, though I’m not vegan, I think we should be nice to those who are. My transformation took around 45 minutes.

Mel Hair Makeup
Margeaux manages a smile, even with my tired, fine locks. Photo by: Jenny Krohn



Mel fan large
The look is completed by hammy placement of a vintage afternoon fan, and dramatic sideways glance. Margeaux (left) told me I was pretty, and that she meant it. Photo by: Jenny Krohn


I emerged as the lost member of The Supremes. Both Margeaux and Evie seemed pleased with their work , dropping into conversation that it was ‘only a mini-make over’. Given that I was wearing more make up than on my wedding day, I wondered what would result from the full service, and whether my hair would actually be sitting among the clouds? A session with The Distinctive Dame is perfect for anyone who loves vintage styling and the art of sipping prosecco in the afternoon.

Read our previous story with Margeaux Vallantyne, co-founder of The Distinctive Dame here.

The Distinctive Dame’s permanent salon: 

First Floor
The Mitchell House
358 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Get Social:


The Garb Wire supports local creatives. I paid for my makeover with The Distinctive Dame.

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