Watch: A Month of Sundays

In ‘A Month of Sundays’, Anthony LaPaglia plays Frank Mollard, a disenfranchised, recently divorced real estate agent who has started to question his place in the world, the value of his career and the loss of his mother.

The film addresses some pretty heavy themes, including the inevitable life chapter of losing our parents and the grief and denial that comes afterwards, moving on after a divorce, having distant children, and more positively, the unlikely friendships that come, along with a deeper meaning in existing relationships.

LaPaglia is brilliant as middle-aged estate agent Frank Mollard. His character has a boyish vulnerability, a relatable immaturity for those of us who constantly wobble on the curve of being responsible, confident adults. Frank’s dry humour and pessimism, and the way he relates to each character in the film, demonstrates perfectly how it takes real work to keep it together.

I really enjoyed the suburban Adelaide locations in the film. Seeing once beloved family homes as lonely shells, pitched soullessly in real estate terms by LaPaglia throughout the film, is both impressive and depressing.

A Month of Sundays explores a moment in Frank Mollard’s life when he can no longer accept his previously superficial existence. He recognises past mistakes, reconciles with his past and finds a way to leave a meaningful legacy, after all.

♥♥♥.⁄ 5

Synopsis: Real estate agent Frank Mollard won’t admit it, but he can’t move on. Divorced but still attached, he can’t sell a house in a property boom – much less connect with his teenage son. One night Frank gets a phone call from his mother. Nothing out of the ordinary. Apart from the fact that she died a year ago.

A Month of Sundays is about parents, children, regrets, mourning, moments of joy, houses, homes, love, work, television, Shakespeare and and jazz fusion: about ordinary people and improbable salvation.

Because everyone deserves a second chance.

Even a real estate agent.

A Month of Sundays. Starring Anthony LaPaglia, Justine Clarke, Julia Blake and John Clarke

Director: Matthew Saville  Country: Australia Year: 2016 Genre: Drama Rated: PG 

A Month of Sundays is in Australian cinemas from 28 April. Click here for more information.

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  1. CineMuse

    Good to read your thoughts on this great Aussie drama. I was quite impressed with this film also and my reviews concludes “…it stands out as a thoughtful and well-acted portrait of an emotionally convoluted archetypal Australian male who exists just this side of clinical depression.” I’d love you to drop in for a read.


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