The Garb Wire Edit: The Face of Autumn Part I

As the leaves fall away and the skies overhead darken to a gloomy grey, the concept of dressing up to stay at home becomes less obscene. Autumn is the perfect time to make plans, sleep longer and learn about the world around us, from the comfort of the couch.

As Northern Hemisphere lovers thaw out in the new season warmth, we’re gearing up to pack down, hide under pillows and explore the great indoors. Here are some ideas of ways to make yourselves at home, while remaining inspired, worldly and stylish. Going to the shops in tracksuit pants and ugg boots is not included on the list, sadly, but it’s an epic  two part post, full of beautiful books, new music, updated pieces and new comforts for home. Embrace the delicious melancholy of Autumn with The Garb Wire.


Felt hats, luxuriously long coats & wine suede

Shona Joy’s Nathalie coat is the perfect piece to lounge around in all day (as is your right), but if you must venture out, updating your wardrobe with felt, suede and velveteen will put that much needed warmth in your step. While it’s easy to resign yourself to head-to-toe black, citizens of the world will excite in nordic light greys, white, musk and wine tones.

The Garb Wire x Sarah J. Curtis

The Garb Wire x ShonaJoy ivory


Top to bottom: Sarah J. Curtis Merino Wool Fedora, Shona Joy Nathalie coat, FlorsheimAaliyah’ boot in Wine



Read: The Creative Workplace


The Creative Workplace is illustrated with over 150 photographs, inviting readers into  studios of graphic designers, architects, advertising and digital media agencies around the world, including Melbourne’s  Jen Clark Design in Collingwood – a branding, graphic and web design studio, with interior design and styling products, the company designed the space themselves,

‘We wanted a space that would welcome and inspire us on a daily basis as well as tangibly demonstrate our design ethos to clients, guests and passers-by. Our colourful, engaging workspace uses a variety of sustainable materials sourced by local suppliers, and is inspired by industrial and Scandinavian design principles.’

Jen Clark Design, Image 1, Photography by Brent Lukey
Jen Clark Design, Collingwood features in The Creative Workplace. Photo by Brent Lukey

The Creative Workplace opens with an introduction by celebrated art and design writer, Rob Alderson, who is the past editor for It’s Nice That, and a frequent contributor to The Guardian, The Financial Times, Creative Review, among others.

For creative industries, the workspace acts as the physical embodiment of a company’s aesthetic, it needs to inspire and excite.

View the gallery below;

The Creative Workplace is published by Roads Publishing. A division of Roads Group, Roads Publishing produces high-end books specialising in art, photography and design.

Buy The Creative Workplace here.

Read: ONEIROI Bill Henson x Scanlan Theodore


With a relationship spanning almost two decades, luxury Australian brand Scanlan Theodore and internationally acclaimed artist Bill Henson reunite to release a limited edition book called ONEIROI.

ONEIROI is a new series of photographs installed permanently at the Hellenic Museum in Melbourne. The new project sees Henson incorporate priceless treasures from the award-winning Benaki Museum Gods, Myths & Mortals Exhibition, with his imagery, to explore the impact of history, beauty, culture and art.

The Garb Wire x ONEIROI Bill HensonBill Henson’s ONEIROI exhibition will be permanently exhibited in a dedicated space within the majestic heritage-listed former Royal Mint building, home of the Hellenic Museum. ONEIROI is a limited edition book published by Scanlan Theodore in collaboration with Bill Henson, the Hellenic Museum and the Benaki Museum.

Scanlan Theodore is a fashion house that has always been passionate about artistic endeavors. The brand’s support of the arts and exploration of creativity has made the ONEIROI publication possible. Scanlan Theodore enriches the experience of artistic collaboration and encourages creative collaborations by engaging and commissioning artists, photographers and filmmakers.

The limited edition (25)  book, signed by the artist and will be available exclusively for purchase on Scanlan Theodore from May 1.

When you do venture outside, the permanent exhibition can be seen at The Hellenic Museum 280 William Street, Melbourne.


Read: BEHIND THE RUNWAY by Matt Lever

Behind the Runway by Matt Lever (Roads Publishing)

Ever dreamed of planting yourself backstage amidst the chaos of the world’s biggest runway shows? Celebrated English photographer Matt Lever has enjoyed such access since 1999, setting up base in California, and travelling the world to capture behind-the-scenes photographs in  Paris, New York, Milan and beyond. BEHIND THE RUNWAY is a hard cover selection of Lever’s most prized photographs, with all the pandemonium and panic that happens right before models take to the stage. Read our interview with Matt Lever here. Buy it here.



Are you taking notes? One of my favourite pastimes, ahem, bad habits is to run too many notebooks at once. Perhaps it’s just my insatiable passion for stationery, who can say?  Each volume is filled with poems, drawings, scribble, single curse words in 107pt font (if the day is deserving) and oft abandoned To Do lists. My personal madness aside though, it’s great to use notes as a way of letting go of the past and dreaming up your best future. Write a letter to someone you need to vent about (but for chrissakes, don’t send it!), invent a food recipe, make a to do list or just blather on about nothing. Jot down ideas, sketch and plan your world domination by starting with a single word/doodle, right now.

It’s great to use notes as a way of letting go of the past and dreaming up your best future.

Return to letter writing and postcards. Traditional letter writing is a beautiful way of communicating with loved ones, not to mention romantic. Goodness knows the rest of the time we receive bills and marketing trash in the mailbox. Receiving a handwritten note in the mail can instantly improve someone’s lust for life.

The Garb Wire x kikki K Letter

The Write your Tomorrow collection pictured is available from kikki.K 


This selection is for times when you want to listen to soundscapes or moody stuff that doesn’t impose on your environment (kitchen/bedroom). Each of these albums is relatively new, and they’re easy to play from start to finish, which is truly a rare gift for any band! I often play these albums when I’m deep in the work zone. Of course, I’ve put together a playlist on Spotify if you just want to listen right now.

Tim Hecker: Love Streams

The Garb Wire x Tim Hecker Love StreamsLA-based Tim Hecker is a pioneering electronic composer originally from Canada. Love Streams is his eighth studio album. Hecker will play Dark Mofo in Hobart this June, and if you love Mona like we do, you will love all of this music.Listen to Love Streams: Apple Music | Google Play | Spotify
Purchase Love Streams: iTunes | Google Play


Ray La Montagne: OUROBOROS

The Garb Wire x Ray Lamontagne OuroborosOUROBOROS is the sixth album by Grammy Award winner Ray LaMontagne. The album was produced by Ray and Jim James of My Morning Jacket.

Listen to OUROBOROS here

Purchase OUROBOROS here  


Liima: ii

The Garb Wire x Liima iiLiima (translated from Finnish as ‘glue’) is a Nordic quartet formed by Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö plus Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg of Danish act Efterklang.

Stream ii  Apple Music | Spotify | Google Play
Buy ii  iTunes | Google Play | JB Hi-Fi


HÆLOS: Full Circle

The Garb Wire x HAELOS Full CircleHÆLOS spent 2015 in their studio writing and producing their debut album. The result is Full Circle, ‘born out of a mutual fascination with the lost hours of a night out – the exhilarating privacy of a cavernous club’s dark pockets and the introspective comedowns that accompany rainy 5am cab rides’. There is no need for further discussion.

Stream Full Circle Spotify | Apple Music | Google Play Buy Full Circle iTunes | JB Hi-Fi | Google Play

Hayes Carll: Lovers and Leavers

The Garb Wire x Hayes Carll Lovers and LeaversLovers and Leavers is the new album from Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Hayes Carll, recorded live over five days in LA during the winter of 2015, and produced by Grammy-award winning producer and musician Joe Henry (Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt).

There is a soul to Carll’s vocals that touches even the slightest of Country music fans.

Buy Lover and Leavers:

Autolux: Pussy’s Dead

The Garb Wire x Autolux PussysdeadPussy’s Dead is my new favourite album. Autolux is an enigmatic Los Angeles trio whose third album was produced by BOOTS – with the cover artwork by Australian artist, Anthony Lister.

The album is perfectly described as ‘tangled sonic collages built around uneasy, often beautiful arrangements that approach meaning from seemingly impossible vantage points, but still register squarely with the listener’s emotions.’ Buy Pussy’s Dead: iTunes | Amazon



The Protectors. A review by Craig Tinker

The Protectors still

If Borgen was about the politicians who run Denmark, then The Protectors is about the people who… well… protect them. From the award winning creators of The Eagle this series focuses on the bodyguards working for the Danish Intelligence Bureau’s elite Personal Protection Unit.

This international Emmy award winning series is another solid entry in the Nordic Noir category and is a compelling, yet somewhat dated, viewing experience that starts with us following the story of three recruits moving from training camp through to their graduation as fully fledged police bodyguards. The clear star of the series is Cecilie Stenspil as Jasmina El-Murad, the only female recruit and an Egyptian Muslim to boot – she gives her character an instant depth and is a compelling presence throughout the series. Naturally this background becomes a focus throughout the series in what is, admittedly, a well-worn subject already (perhaps showing the series age) but is handled with the usual Nordic frankness. Fans of police dramas as well as thrillers such as 24 will find plenty to like here – fast paced story lines, well handled action sequences, compelling characters and all set against the backdrop of a grey and moody Copenhagen. As we have come to expect from Danish drama, the writing is top notch and the characters feel well-crafted and thought out – we quickly grow to know and care for these characters, helped by the solid acting from the obviously experienced cast (Danish TV fans will have no trouble spotting some familiar faces). Although we enjoyed this series, sadly we have to say it doesn’t quite live up to the highs of The Killing or The Bridge – it has a slightly dated feel (it originally premiered back in 2009) and never really truly takes off. The Danes can still teach us a thing or two regardless and for those missing a new Autumn Danish to curl up with, we can recommend you give The Protectors a view.

Rating: 7 danishes out of 10

The Protectors is available now. Buy it here: Series 1 & Series 2.

WATCH The Fashion Collection

The Fashion Collection is a DVD box set holding a mini library of your favourite fashion faces, design talents, supermodels and style follies.

The set includes DIOR AND I, Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer, The September Issue and About Face: Supermodels Then and Now. We’ve unpacked the set for you. Read more and watch trailers here.


Pictured at top: Mattson Creative, California from The Creative Workplace.


This editorial was created by Melissa Ogier at The Garb Wire, with a contribution from Craig Tinker. Images supplied with thanks by ROADS Publishing, Madman Films, Village Green PR, EVHPR, Trish Nicol Agency, Remote Control Records, Positive Feedback PR and Sony Music Australia.

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