Label of Love returns to Shadow Electric this June

The Label of Love series of events pays tribute to the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes supporting local music and promoting Australian independent artists to the rest of the world. It all goes down in the Shadow Electric Bandroom from 4 June to 3 July.


The 2016 edition will showcase talent from indie record labels Aarght & Cool Death, Bedroom SuckRemote Control, The Farmer and The Owl, UNTZZ, Temporalcast, Deaf Ambitions, Spunk Records + more.

Each show will feature a different label, putting the spotlight on  the teams behind the labels and the artists signed to it.

Expect live music, pop-up merch stores, art exhibitions, food trucks, birthday celebrations and more.

Aarght x TGW Power-Hires.jpg
Cool Death records: Power

Saturday 4 June: Aarght & Cool Death Records

Doors 5pm – 11pm

Lineup: Orion (NSW), Power, Nun, Ausmuteants, Whipper, Terry, Tommy T & The Classical Mishaps

Aarght Records was the brain child of the members of the Ooga Boogas in 2007. The independent label has released 32 records, mostly by Melbourne artists.

What started in 2013 as releasing a few demos, Cool Death has become one of Australia’s best punk labels and home to the likes of Straightjacket Nation, UV Race, Tyrannamen, Tommy T & The Classical Mishaps, Orion and Power.

Cool Death is run by artists who all play in bands on the label, “The only rule is COOL”.

Tickets to Aarght Death are on sale now. RSVP to the Facebook event.

Sunday June 12: Remote Control Records 15th Birthday

Doors 2.00pm
 – 11.00pm

Lineup: Lost Animal, Teeth & Tongue, Dorsal Fins, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Leah Senior, Jim Lawrie + four super special secret acts TBA

DJ sets from Pearls, Jeremy Neale, King Gizzard, The Murlocs, Beat Orgy, Harvey Saward & Remote Control Djs

Remote Control Records will celebrate its 15th Birthday at the Shadow Electric as a part of the Label of Love series on the Queens Birthday long weekend. It promises to be a super special day & night filled with live music and special DJ guests, including Remote Control co-founder, Harvey Saward.

Tickets to Remote Control’s 15th Birthday here

Sunday June 19: Farmer And The Owl Records

Doors 6.00pm
 – 11.00pm

Lineup: Hockey Dad, Bec Sandridge, The Pinheads & Tees

Farmer & The Owl was set up as a label in 2014 after its founders had run a festival together of the same name a year earlier. Their mission was to take some of the best artists from their local area, affectionately known as the Leisure Coast, and help promote them to broader audiences.

Tickets to Farmer & the Owl on sale now

Friday June 24 – Bedroom Suck Records

Doors 7.00pm
 – 11.00pm

Lineup: Totally Mild, Terrible Truths, Lower Plenty, Childsaint (WA) & Pillow Pro

Nearly a year on since the ‘Totally Terrible’ tour swept the UK & Europe, label mates Totally Mild and Terrible Truths will join forces and take to the stage in Melbourne. After both releasing debut albums in 2015, the bands are once again working in tandem, putting the finishing touches on two brand new records made in Melbourne this year. Joining the night will be Lower Plenty, Perth’s sun-drenched melancholic Childsaint, and Melbourne favourites Pillow Pro.

Tickets to Totally Terrible on sale now

Saturday June 25: Deaf Ambitions & Spunk Records

Doors 5.00pm
 – 11.00pm

Lineup: The Ocean Party, Machine Translations, Way Dynamic, Cool Sounds, Oscar Dowling (New Gum Sarn), Emma Russack & Zone Out

Deaf Ambitions is a Melbourne record label that rose from the ashes of a terribly designed and averagely written blog celebrating the minnows of Australian music – Deaf Ambitions’ current incarnation strives to serve the same primary purpose – to put that stuff where it belongs: out in the open, flapping about in the wind for all to swoon over and admire.

SPUNK started as a fanzine in 1994, and in 1999 it became a record label. 17 years later they’ve released over 500 records from artists ranging from Mac Demarco, Bill Callahan, to Bat For Lashes, Ty Segall, Belle and Sebastian and Jason Isbell. With a passion for the discovery of local Australian and New Zealand music, Spunk’s Australasian artists include Tiny RuinsShining BirdHolly Throsby, Aldous Harding, Flowertruck, Gold Class, Nadia Reid and of course the fine artists that are performing at this showcase!

Tickets to Spunk Ambitions on sale now


Sunday June 26: UNTZZ Records

Doors 6.00pm
 – 11.00pm

Lineup: Mic Mills & Furious Frank [Live], Freddie Norwood & Arthur Miles [Live], Babicka [Live] + more special guests and intermission DJs to be announced.

Untzz Records began with what turned out to be a five-year-long weekly residency at the legendary Sugar Nightclub in Adelaide. All of the original artists on the label were also DJs, playing every Saturday night for five years. After road testing original music every week, it became clear to the founders that they needed a platform to press the music to vinyl, and the label was born.

Tickets to UNTZZ Records on sale now


Sunday July 3: Temporal Cast

Doors 6.00pm
 – 11.00pm

Lineup: Cale Sexton (Live), Kangaroo Skull (Live), Chiara Kickdrum (Live), Jamal Amir (Live) & X Axis (DJ)

Temporal Cast is the result of an impulse to draw together what was at the time, some disparate new talent emerging within Melbourne’s dance-music underground. Since then, the acts that are featured and supported by Temporal Cast have grown into some of Melbourne’s most sought-after names and the label itself has evolved into something with more substance and momentum than what was ever anticipated.

Tickets to Temporal Cast Records on sale now


Label of Love Lineup

  • Saturday 04 June | Aarght Records + Cool Death
  • Sunday 12 June | Remote Control Records
  • Sunday 19 June | Farmer And The Owl Records
  • Friday 24 June | Bedroom Suck Records
  • Saturday 25 June | Deaf Ambitions & Spunk Records
  • Sunday 26 June | UNTZZ Records
  • Sunday 3 July | Temporalcast

Need to know:

  • Label of Love dates: 4 June –  3 July 2016
  • Venue: Shadow Electric Bandroom at The Abbotsford Convent 1 St. Heliers St, Abbotsford (in Melbourne)

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