The Walls Come Down: Enter Kings of Leon

KINGS OF LEON, once alternative music’s golden gods who went on to become a very different sounding multi-platinum selling rock band. Three years after their Grammy nominated ‘Mechanical Bull’ LP, the band has cranked the campaign for ‘Walls’, their 7th album, due out on 14 October.

2004’s Aha Shake Heartbreak remains my favourite Kings of Leon album, and hearing it instantly teleports me that to that time in life. Young. Single. Loved to mingle. It was groundbreaking at the time, with the exciting tempi darting through the record (across my heart), with its darkly humoured and sultry lyrics. Then, it got all consciously anthemic and they sold over 18 million albums and over 24 million singles worldwide (I think you can guess the singles – they’re not on Aha Shake).

Mercifully, for the new album the Grammy Award winning group have returned to their recording roots in Los Angeles, working on Wall with producer Markus Dravs (Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Florence + the Machine).

I’ve always been very Kings of Leon-aware, in praise and/or other, and with the arrival of their 7th studio album, I feel we have a chance to perhaps rekindle our friendship. Caleb, come back to me. Check out the saucy album trailer below.


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