Ginger And The Ghost: why Glow is a natural match for Mona

‘Glow’ is the new single from avant-garde duo Ginger And The Ghost, a futuristic pop slice. The accompanying video features the pair in exquisite body paint and celestial special effects.

Ginger And The Ghost will be playing an exclusive run of shows, starting on 18 March at the Museum of New and Old Art (Mona, dears) in Tasmania (where everything begins and ends, according to us), and wrapping in Sydney at The Nest Creative Space on 21 April.

Vocalist and one half of the enigmatic duo, Missy Gilbert, reflects on the meaning of releasing such an empowering track in today’s global environment,

“This is a pivotal time as an artist to be bold, to connect and to voice your passions, concerns and align yourself with what you believe in.”

A Ginger And The Ghost live performance meshes the duo’s own art installations and costumes with the music itself, so there is no better suited mothership than Mona as a great place to start.  Missy says “Ginger And The Ghost performances are a hyper real, immersive and interactive experience with an Australiana aesthetic.  We have many top secret collaborations coming together and we are so excited about the people who are involved artistically and musically.” And enthusiastic for their work, like we are.

Ginger And The Ghost is Missy Gilbert and Daniel Bourne.



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