Playlist: Ginger & The Ghost for The Garb Wire

For the love of sharing music, we’ve started asking some of our favourite emerging artists to compile playlists, so you’ll start to see more of them being posted in future, each with a theme.

Here is the first one from Sydney future-pop duo Ginger & The Ghost, called NEW MUSIC FRIENDS we made on tour.

This is a playlist from acts we played with on this European tour or listen to at festivals in Portugal, Bulgaria and Spain 🇪🇸 New bands we loved and friends we made!


Ginger and the Ghost have an ambitious new single called Kindred Spirits, a vibrant, quirky pop sound that the pair embody both sonically and visually. In the video, vast Australian landscapes provide a tranquil backdrop to a wildly delicious modern visual fantasy. A feast of costume, body paint, nature and mirrors. Watch it here:

Ginger And The Ghost are Missy Gilbert and Daniel Bourne. They are currently touring the UK but will be back on Australian shores later this year for some homecoming shows.

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