Fitzroy White Ribbon Night 2017


Despite the efforts of organisations like White Ribbon Australia, heartbreaking stories continue to flood the news headlines in this country. Violence committed against women in Australia is a serious problem.

Hosting the annual Fitzroy White Ribbon Night Auction is no mean feat. I wasn’t sure if I’d even do it this year. Yet,

One woman every week is killed by a current or former partner. White Ribbon Australia is an initiative started by men to educate men and young boys early to prevent this behaviour from starting in the first place.

Given that I have three sons of my own who will be taught to love and respect the women in their lives, I want to continue supporting the efforts of White Ribbon Australia the best way I know how, which is to help spread the word about their work, but also to collect homewares, fashion, food experiences and art works to sell off at auction online. People who bid on these items support White Ribbon too. I guess it’s showing people a way to help when they otherwise may not know where to start.

Compleks glued this piece to our home in Fitzroy. We auctioned it off during last year’s event.

Thanks to the following big names (so far) for your support of Fitzroy White Ribbon Night 2017:

Need to know:

  • The Fitzroy White Ribbon Night auction will take place on Facebook. You don’t need to physically be in attendance, which is good, because it’s Winter.
  • Bid during the auction by leaving a comment under the photo item you desire.
  • White Ribbon Night is on Friday 28 July, 2017.

Get Social & help support the event:

For more information or to contribute to the auction, please contact thegarbwire [at] gmail [dot] com

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