Brisbane: For the Love of Film Village Party

It’s getting hot up here, as Brisbane prepares itself for a huge basement party celebrating a love of film.

For the Love of Film Village Party takes place at Newmarket Village on Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 December, heralding the arrival of the precinct’s state-of-the-art, 8-screen Reading Cinemas. This is in addition to a brand new casual food and dining space offering up tasty options including Schnitz, Sushi Edo and Little Red Dumpling.

Quentin Tarantino filmography
Uma THURMAN, JOHN TRAVOLTA in Quentin Tarantino film PULP FICTION (1994)

Attendees of the free basement block party will not only enjoy the delights of a fully functioning bar (inspired by Pulp Fiction’s ‘Jack Rabbit Slims’), they will also take pleasure in DJ sets featuring only the best soundtracks (Top Gun, obviously).

Insta-worthy scenes will abound at the For the Love of Film Village Party, with small set re-creations of the likes of Forest Gump, Indiana Jones and Up. This sounds like just the kind of place we like to creep around with a cocktail.

Speaking of cocktails, if all the above doesn’t sound like enough fun, for just $10 revellers can book a series of cocktail-making (and drinking) masterclasses delivered by renowned Melbourne mixologist, Shaun Byrne (Gin Palace). Each masterclass will result in three cocktails inspired by such cult-classic films as The Breakfast Club, Donny Darko, Back to the Future and more.


Session 1 – The Morning After

  • Jagermeister Mary – The Hangover
  • Golightly Royale – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Iced Tea in the Closet – The Breakfast Club

Session 2 – Stranger Things

  • Cantina Collins – Star Wars
  • Guzzolene Old Fashioned – Mad Max
  • Rum Spider – Back to the Future

Session 3 – Thrill Seeker

  • Silence of the Sangria – Silence of the Lambs
  • $5 Shake – Pulp Fiction
  • A Friend named Frank – Donnie Darko

Session 4 – Heroes + Villains

  • Wayne Manor – The Dark Knight
  • Gin Mimosa Punch – The Incredibles
  • Coffee with Cream – Deadpool

To book a cult-classic cocktail masterclass click here. For further information head to the Newmarket Village website.

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