Our Pausefest 2018 Picks: Wednesday 7 Feb

We’re very excited to attend Pausefest in Melbourne on Wednesday.

There are a few reasons, we will bathe in the rays of the best local movers & shakers in the creative tech realm, and hear from a series of national and international innovators who have already done many of the things that we dream of doing (someday). The main reason I’m SUPER JAZZED, though. is because I get to attend PAUSEFEST with my very clever husband with whom I started The Garb Wire in 2009. His daily grind is oft a mystery to all, but for three jam packed days, our worlds will collide in aptly spectacular fashion.

Pausefest is a major creative, tech and business event held in Melbourne’s Fed Square, bringing some of the world’s foremost thought leaders within reach. You know the people who dreamt up Netflix, AmazonAirBnB, and other daily applications we can no longer live without? Pausefest is a chance to step in to the realm of these super humans. The format of the event runs between listening to keynote speakers, specialist panels, film and interactive installations, beer, networking and so on. We’ll need to wear our jet skates to update you throughout the event, but in the meantime here are our top picks for Wednesday at Pausefest 2018;

Early Morning Show

The Early Morning Show happens every morning to kickstart Pausefest on The Global stage. It’ll feature a mix of local & international guests, unconventional conversations, & interactive games. Phil Ceberano and the Pause Fest house band will be on hand to provide original, improvised music throughout each show. Wednesday’s guests include Noah Robinschon, Executive Editor, Fast Company, Kayla Heffernan, UX Designer, Seek

Amir Ansari, Head of UX, Transpire and Marissa Rosenberg, Ph.D Astrophysicist, NASA.

Pausefest 2017

Rigging the Crystal Ball: How Cultural Insight Helps Us to Design For a Future We Actually Want 

People who casually regard themselves as ‘architects of tomorrow’ can learn how brands and businesses are able to build alternative future realities using science fiction, art and philosophy. Kristy Richards, who is an expert in consumer and cultural insight will be at the helm. Richards leads The Lab’s Annual Cultural Report, which identifies big cultural shifts impacting society. This requires her to continuously scan sources of cultural influence to gain new perspectives and come up with ideas that can be leveraged to carve out stronger, more profitable brand futures.

Build alternative future realities using science fiction, art and philosophy.

How Steve Jobs Took Pixar On the Magical Journey to Stars

Brian Green started life as a local boy from Dingley in Melbourne, but then something incredible happened. During this session we’ll learn about how Green went on to become an animation guru at Pixar Studios in San Francisco – though we strongly doubt that he’d refer to himself as a “guru”. Beware of those who do. Green will regale personal stories and insights from working in close proximity to Steve Jobs, the Apple legend who…(yes, I realise you know who I mean, but I have to explain because that’s my job), who steered the smallfry animation company into a juggernaut.


The Death of the Agency, the Rebirth of the Publisher

This panel discussion will examine the traditional model of: client – creative agency – media agency – media – audience. This model is fast being disrupted, but what’s next? Five panelists will call out opportunities for progressive publishers to bypass agencies and provide both their own creative solutions and media distribution, in an always evolving media landscape.

The panel will be moderated by Andrew Montell, Founder and Managing Director, Archetype Media, Founder, Acclaim Magazine, and the panelists will be Liz Levy, Executive Creative Director, COMPLEX, Andrew Reeves, Communications Director, The Royals, and Nicky Rowsell, Marketing Manager, Levi’s Australia & NZ.

The Australian Premiere of Ghostcode – Screening by Patrick Defasten

Ghostcode is a 3D animated science-fiction film set in 2056 uncovering advancements in sonic warfare, holographic entertainment and its weaponization, the synthesis of corporation and nation state, and the unstable intentions of net-born artificial intelligence.

Ghostcode unravels a near future enmeshed by the trappings of its own desires, towards the eventual extinction of all organic beings. This will be the film’s Australian premiere.

Netflix Studio: From Pitch to Play

We’ve all fallen into a Netflix wormhole. In fact, daylight hours can serve as a mere inconvenience between episodes of The Crown, however, this session will give attendees a behind the scenes look at the technology that supports Netflix Originals, from pitch to play (and play, and just one more…). The session will be presented by Kelsey Whelan who is a Product Manager at Netflix helping design and build systems to support its studio expansion and up to eight billion dollar content spend in 2018.

Creative Chaos  Amazon

Head of Design Research at Amazon, Cecilia Ambros will talk on how we navigate the vague and ambiguous journey to inspiration. She’ll take us on an exploration of the tensions between creativity and corporate, the role of craft in technology and what it means to be a creative leader.
Armed with an innate curiosity to know more, learn more and be more for customers, Ambros has led Global Design as a Studio Director at Nike, Inc. for various performance sport categories (NFL, Men’s Training and Global Football) and worked as an independent consultant with clients including Autodesk, McDonald’s Corp, Whirlpool and TÜV Rheinland. She holds a Masters of Design and an MBA and has taught workshops and lectures at d.school at Stanford University, Farmingdale College, Harvard University, Northwestern and her alma mater IIT Institute of Design.
Creative Chaos will be an exploration of the tensions between creativity and corporate, the role of craft in technology and what it means to be a creative leader.

The Book is Dead! Long Live the Book! Publishing Disrupted.

A panel discussion on the latest trends in digital writing, reading and publishing, with additional insights into digital writing communities, eBooks vs. print, the growth in podcasting and audio books, experimental digital storytelling and the social and cognitive impacts of reading online. Fascination stations!
The panel discussion will be moderated by Justine Hyde, Director Library Services and Experience, State Library of Victoria. Panelists: Ash Davies, CEO, Tablo Publishing

Astrid Edwards, Producer, The Garret podcast, Director, Bad Producer Productions, Vice-Chair, Writers Victoria and Izzy Roberts-Orr, Director, Emerging Writers’ Festival.

The Vault – Authentic – What’s Real Anymore?

Authenticity has become such a buzzword in modern life that its meaning has started to warp. How far do you think brands, companies and people need to go to convince you of the truth?  What actually is the truth? Can it be bought? This panel will be led by those at the creative helm of some of the world’s top brands including Reece Hobbins, Creative Director, Taboo, Myki Slonim, Vice Australia, Bonnie Borland, Director Social &, Fashion Influencer and Emma Welsh, Emma and Toms with Andrew Mackinnon, Managing Director of Taboo as moderator.

NOTE: There’s a strict embargo on all content that features in this forum, so you’ll have to attend to see it and hear it for yourselves. What happens in the vault…


The Future Festival

Technology and art have connected and bound together seamlessly, but how do we experience this intersection as members of an audience? This definitive panel that will explore the trends in exhibiting digital and new media arts and the concept of the virtual festival and gallery.

Panel discussion moderated by Tara Prowse, Producer Panelists: Lubi Thomas, Artist and Curator, davis thomas + QUT Futurelab, Kristefan Minsky, Artist and Senior Producer, ARS Electronica, and Jonathan Parsons, Artistic Director, Experimenta

Technology and art have connected and bound together seamlessly, but how do we experience this intersection as members of an audience?

The ECHO installation which was originally commissioned by QUT The Cube and is a fantastic platform for digital artists like Georgie, who made something very special in ECHO. Be part of the installation during Pausefest 2018.

ECHO- (The installation) , commissioned by the Cube, QUT from Georgie

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Pleased to meet you: follow us for updates during Pause Fest 2018 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @thegarbwire

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