Tune. New Sounds for Living: 21 Feb 2018

My oh my, it has been a long time since I’ve permitted myself to listen to the great new music coming through my Inbox and share it with you.

The thing is, new music can give us the injection of the unfamiliar that we need to refresh, make new things, have different thoughts and do good work.

Here is the first list for 2018. Enjoy, and please let me know if particular songs change your life. New music discoveries can be magical and talking about music is probably my life’s work. Actually, it’s everything.

Tune. New Sounds for Living: 21 Feb 2018


01 One Bit, Noah Cyrus – My Way

02 The Black Eyed Peas – STREET LIVIN’

03 Mahalia, Little Simz – Proud of Me

04 Ella Mai – Naked

05 CLOVES – Bringing The House Down

06 Angie McMahon – Slow Mover

07 La Faithfull – Heart Back

08 Lily Allen, Griggs – Trigger Bang

09 JEFFE – Whoever You Love, I’m Cool

10 Nightmares On Wax, Jordan Rakei – Typical

11 St. Beauty – Borders

12 Nai Palm – Homebody

13 Migos – Stir Fry

14 Geowulf – Sunday

15 Naaz – Loving Love

16 JOY. – Change

17 Khalid, Normani – Love Lies

18 The Chainsmokers – You Owe Me

19 Woodes – Origami

20 Everything Is Recorded – Everything Is Recorded


Spotlight on: Lily Allen

Lily Allen’s new album, No Shame, is due out in early Winter 2018. The video for Trigger Bang was directed by frequent Giggs collaborator Myles Whittingham and set in London.

Trigger Bang was produced by Fryars, who has worked with Lily as a songwriter and producer for the past three years and is the first track from her fourth album, No Shame.

“That’s why I can’t hang with the cool gang, everyone’s a trigger bang, bang, bang, bang, bang” – Lily Allen

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