Our Pausefest 2018 Picks: Friday 9 Feb

This week has proven to be a hotbed of activity at Pause Fest, with literally 30+ degree days in the sprawling neighbourhood of Melbourne’s Fed Square complex.

Here are our top picks for Friday;

Group Workshop: F*ck up Mornings

Reframe your failures, experience the freedom of f*cking up, improve your resilience and unearth a bottomless well of creativity.

Dara Simkin Play Consultant and Mindset Coach at Project Play will show us why play not only teaches us how to adapt, accept and think on our feet, but how it helps us to recover from failure. Friday’s session is all about falling gracelessly, picking yourself up and finding a way to break on through to the other side.

The Early Morning Show

Every day The Early Morning Show kickstarts Pausefest on The Global stage with a mix of local & international guests, unconventional conversations, & interactive games. Phil Ceberano and the Pause Fest house band will be on hand to provide original, improvised music throughout each show. Friday’s special guests are: Hugh Forrest, CPO, SXSW, Cecilia Ambros, Head of Design Research, Amazon, Sarah Owen, Senior Editor, Digital Media & Marketing, WGSN, and Shruti Shah, Entrepreneur in Residence, Silicon Valley Bank.



It seems that everyone is starting their own venture at the moment, but did you know that 80% of all new businesses fail in their first three years. Why? Peter Engelhardt, Founder of Creative Brew will tell us why a lack of strategic planning can lead to failure, demystifying brand strategy using a step-by-step process, allowing you to gain clarity on your point-of-difference in the market, forge a detailed roadmap for growing your brand and maintain the focus needed to ensure your future success.

Get a clear understanding of what a brand strategy is.

The Brands of Tomorrow

During this session Sarah Owen, Senior Editor, Digital Media & Marketing at WGSN will talk about how your brand can cut through the noise of social media and connect with customers.

With expectations higher than ever, what are the new rules for future proofing your brand? Owen will take us through the profiles some of the most successful campaigns of the last year, curated from around the world.

5 Lessons from Running a Purpose-led Business

Simon Griffiths is a serial social entrepreneur who has built an empire on the back of (pardon the pun) our daily use of toilet paper. One of the greatest advances in the human era was spurred on by the invention and use of plumbing and basic sanitation, yet in many underdeveloped countries plumbing and sanitation facilities are still a dream, and because of this kids die young, parents can’t work, and disease is everywhere, creating a cycle of despair. Simon Griffiths, CEO, Who Gives a Crap shares his Top 5 Lessons from running a purpose-led business.



Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design will discuss how new ideas generated from an intense creative process has to be the first step for any new business. He will question why professional businesses work to eliminate all creativity so as to extract every possible dollar? What will our future look like if they succeed? Learn how Petty chose to steer his company with creativity to become a global brand.

The Vault: The future of news

What is the future of news and how do we use tech to combat #fakenews ?

This panel will be moderated by Tommy McCubbin, Host, Future Sandwich Podcast with panelists Nic Hodges, Head of Innovation, Foxtel, Michael Short, Chief Editorial Writer, Columnist, The Age, Sophie Black, Editor, Journalist, The Wheeler Centre and ABC TV’s Screen Time.

NOTE: There’s a strict embargo on all content that features in this forum, so you’ll have to attend to see it and hear it for yourselves. What happens in the vault…



When Jess Hatzis and Bree Johnston created Frank Body in 2013 they never imagined it would become a global skincare brand. During this pub talk, Hatzis and Johnston will talk about finding your brand’s voice and break down how to juggle two businesses without losing your mind in the process.

Hatzis and Johnston are co-owners and directors of branding agency Willow & Blake, as well as Frank body, a global, coffee-based skincare company, which launched with a single product and now sells one of its iconic coffee scrubs every 40 seconds.

The ECHO Installation

In an increasingly complex and digitally connected world, the role of empathy will become more important as an antidote to personal loneliness and a lack of human connection.

On Wednesday we stepped in to Georgie Pinn‘s ECHO installation which was originally commissioned by Queensland University of Technology. Echo was created to provide a vehicle for the exchange of empathy. In an increasingly complex and digitally connected world, the role of empathy will become more important as an antidote to personal loneliness and a lack of human connection. Watch our video here. Can you spot my face?

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