Maison the Faux: the PREMIERE at LAFW

MAISON the FAUX have set up a temporary home in Los Angeles, the perfect environs to develop the brand’s obsession with ‘the fake & constructed.’

Having already shown three collections at New York Fashion Week, this week MAISON the FAUX showed “the PREMIERE” at LA Fashion Week.

27_the PREMIERE MTF by Jordan Millington
“the PREMIERE” by MAISON the FAUX Photograph by Jordan Millington

In creative collaboration with Maavven and acclaimed choreographer Nina McNeely, MAISON the FAUX staged an immersive performance, posing the questions;

What makes the real, FAUX? And the faux, REAL?

SOLD-OUT bags, multifunctional boxer pants, “original” denim, sugar daddy leopard prints, and oscar-worthy silks is what the designers of MAISON the FAUX dished up to Hollywood.

Here’s a selection of our favourite backstage looks;


Photography by David Vassalli



Seen at top: MAISON the FAUX at LAFW. Photo by Jordan Millington

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