Tune. New Indie Sounds: 27 Jun 2018

I love settling under a blanket of epic indie melancholy.

Sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re a hateful shrieking heap, but never for too long. Mostly…we get a grip and keep it together. The artists in this playlist all master conflicting emotion with a smattering of pop rock, dusting us off with a few minor chords, and lots of resilience.

Please enjoy. There is no filler, it’s all killer (who originally wrote that, anyway?).

Tune. New Indie Sounds: 27 Jun 2018


01 Perfume Genius, King Princess – Run Me Through (Remix) 02 Sorority Noise – Chelsea Hotel No. 2 03 Ruby Boots – Believe In Heaven 04 Parquet Courts – Wide Awake 05 New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack – Lullaby Us 06 Loose Tooth – Keep On 07 Parquet Courts – Mardi Gras Beads 08 Leroy Francis – Going Steady 09 Lehman B. S. – Thus Must Rust 10 Hana Vu – Shallow 11 Grace Turner – Dead or Alive 12 Good Morning – For a Little While

13 Good Doogs – So Dumb 14 Gabriella Cohen – Music Machine 15 FRITZ – Biggest Fool in the World 16 The Finks – Body Language 17 Drahla – Silk Spirit 18 The Cribs – Rainbow Ridge 19 Courtney Barnett – City Looks Pretty 20 Camp Cope – How to Socializse & Make Friends 21 Baby Blue – I Like You 22 HoT To RoT – Kindred 23 Gena Rose Bruce – Coming Down 24 Moaning Lisa – Good 25 The Voidz – Pointlessness

Spotlight on:

Kamasi Washington

Kamasi Washington’s new album Heaven and Earth provides pure escapism in an instrumental, nostalgic, jazz, big sound kind of fashion. It explores Washington’s reckoning with current global chaos and his vision for the future.

A.G. Rojas directed the video Street Fighter Mas which includes cameos by famed Street Fighter legends Gootecks and Combofiend and one of Washington’s Los Angles heroes — Kevin Gilliam a.k.a. BattleCat, a longtime collaborator of Dr. Dre, Snoop and Tupac Shakur. The video was inspired by Washington’s love of the Street Fighter video game.

Perfume Genius

As if we didn’t love the No Shape album enough, the Reshaped remix EP ensures that songs we’ve already played to death are slightly disguised as brand new tracks and may go unnoticed by the people who suffer our musical obsessions, lovers, co-workers etc.




The Flaming Lips

These two new releases would make the perfect gift for someone who needs to speak fluent Flaming Lips, and perhaps store their back catalogue in two easy pieces. Such a wonderful, landmark band. Both releases are essential and contain about 47,000 tracks. I don’t think they missed ANY.




David Bowie

A trio of releases highlight David Bowie‘s live a studio recordings made between 1978 and 1982. All three are available individually on 29 June. Click here for more info.

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