Isle of Dogs art show pays tribute to latest Wes Anderson film

In New York last weekend, Spoke Art showed an Isle of Dogs pop-up as an ode to Wes Anderson’s latest film.

The exhibition featured a diverse array of painting, sculpture and limited edition prints, with each participating artist offering their own unique perspective and interpretation of the instant cult classic.

“Bad Dads”  is an annual group art show tribute to the films of Wes Anderson. And, after 8 years, it continues to progress as a dynamic and highly anticipated group exhibition.

Dozens of artists are invited every year to contribute works, spanning from paintings to sculptures to limited edition screen prints, all in tribute to one the world’s most noteworthy filmmakers.

Here are some of our favourites from the Isle of Dogs NYC pop-up:

LIZ VOWLES Liz Vowles – “スポッツを探してるの (Searching for Spots 1)”
ZARD APUYA Zard Apuya – “Isle of Dog Treats”
LEONARDO SANTAMARIA Leonardo Santamaria – “The Isle of Dogs”
Tyler Stout, Isle of Dogs

Preview some of the original pieces here.

Originals and prints are available to purchase and Spoke Art ships worldwide (even to Australia, I can confirm this).



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