A Piece of Paris at the Australian Open

Last Sunday wrapped up the first Australian Open tournament at full capacity since that other dirty ‘C’ word came into our lives. I was privileged to be part of a team event managing a fully immersive brand installation by Romano Beck for PIPER-HEIDSIECK that was creative directed by the one and only Christian Wagstaff, in collaboration with thank you, baby studio and the divine Abbie from MRS WHITE.

Not only did we feed dreams of travel to far off places, the champagne flowed as eager tennis fans people watched to their hearts content, deep in the throng of the action.

It was pure delight to spend the Australian Open pacing the halls of a space heavily influenced by Diana Vreeland‘s Garden In Hell, an OTT aesthetic that is the signature excellence of Christian Wagstaff’s work. For now, he continues on with the House of Hornecker in Sydney, and my efforts turn towards creative producing the visitor experience and art interventions at Mona Foma 2023 in Launceston with CD Belinda Collins at The Social Crew.

@instawagstaff @tybb.studio @_tydesigns_ @bloom.boy @mrswitephotos

“There’s only one very good life, and that’s the life that you know you want, and you make it yourself.”


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