A Life Less Ordinary: The Garb Wire’s Spring Racing Edit

pictured: The Human Chameleon ‘Sweet Lady’ head piece.

I’ve been to the Birdcage once. I’m not a fanatical race goer, but I do know style. I know what people are likely to wear – it’s a little like singing the chorus of a song you claim not to know. There are these medieval crowns that are going to be everywhere this year. They are very modern, yet some look like paper Christmas hats dipped in pewter. And the more there are, the less edgy it becomes. So be tastefully daring, or be classic – nothing bad happens when you look back at timeless photos of yourself. Believe me, if you wear a copper parrot in your hair and a Swarovski encrusted eyepatch in 2015, you’ll only have yourselves to blame when your grandchildren ask about that Pirate lady from races past.

Spring Racing fashion should not resemble an actual Fairy Princess costume.


There are some things to consider when looking at the themes below; I’ve styled the stories with very plain dresses in mind, so don’t head to the races looking like a one woman band with all your intsruments on board. >Clang, bang, crash! Clang, bang, crash!>. We are not suggesting that you wear everything pictured. In fact, it’s discouraged. Some style people will advise you to start with a dress and build your outfit from there – but, why don’t you build an outfit around a fascinator or clutch? It can be more of a challenge, but in the name of style, we would salute you.

Modern + Fun

The modern girl enjoys pulling her outfit together as much as she enjoys the actual races, “Oh? There are horses?” People will gravitate towards this breezy, confident character with her big smile and plastique, acrylic, design-conscious accessories.The trick here is to choose carefully.

You don’t want to look like a human slushie machine.


Brights Story II
Upper L-R: Lucy Folk ‘Wild at Heart’ cocktail clutch, Miu Miu EDP, Karen Walker Eyewear Hollywood Poolside Collection, Each to Own Poppy Drop earrings in black and faux tortoiseshell, Lucy Folk Hedge Fun bracelet        Lower L-R: Saba ‘Ali’ moulded dress, Each to Own Super Lush Drop earrings in Lorikeet, State of Folly 2 Way clutch in green, Lucy Folk ‘Passion’ cocktail clutch, Stuart Weitzman ‘Nudist Song’ shoe, Limedrop nail polish in ‘Gaytime’ and ‘Lady Finger’.


Seventies Dame

If you’re going to observe a trend, you may as well immerse yourself in it. Wear luxe, mixed textures and get your hair done like Kate Jackson. The tunic, white pants, sunglass shape and hat are key to this look, and so too is the crochet & pearl jewellery.

L-R: Lucy Folk Heirloom earrings, Lucy Folk Guns ‘N’ Roses necklace, ASOS tunic dress, Saba pants, Benah for Karen Walker Milly bag in taupe, ASOS hat, Karen Walker Eyewear ‘Hollywood Creeper’ Poolside Collection, ASOS ‘Platinum’ pointed shoe, Limedrop nail polish in ‘Scandalous’.


Pretty Lady

If the bold colours of spring are a little loud for your gentile approach to style, you may opt for whites and nudes, pastel prints and finer jewellery pieces. Of course, there is still an opportunity to show devastating style with carefully chosen gem stones and trinkets (this is not a free-for-all at Zamels, you know).

Spring Racing Nude II
L-R: Lucy Folk Sting earring, Each to Own Lush Hexie hoops, Saba ‘Allegra’ V neck dress, Karen Walker Eyewear ‘Flowerpatch’ Poolside Collection, Lucy Folk ‘Rum ‘N’ Raisin’ Cocktail clutch, Karen Walker ‘The League’ earrings & ring, Chloe EDT, ASOS shoe, Rimmel Kate Moss Nude lipsticks, Limedrop nail polish in ‘Birthday Suit’.


Fresh Power Dressing

An edgy look with a soft print brush strokes shirt dress, with precious metals and aqua. Ultra modern. The jewellery is oversized, but soft enough to keep the tone calm.

L-R: Lucy Folk Rose Corsage necklace, Each to Own Gemstar Double drop earrings in lush glitter, Limedrop nail polish in Weatherboard, Saba Scribble print dress, State of Folly Triangle clutch in white, ASOS Haphazard sandal


Ice Queen

It’s good to consider colour combinations that delight and surprise. Baby blue, silver and pearl will cast you as a cool customer, bringing relief from pinky florals, if they are not your scene.

Spring Racing Blue grey
L-R: Lucy Folk Heirloom earrings, Lucy Folk Heirloom necklace, Lucy Folk rose corsage brooch, Preen ‘Carlisle’ sunglasses, Limedrop nail polish in ‘Moon’, State of Folly 2 Way clutch in blue.

The Human Chameleon
The Human Chameleon’s ‘Chameleon Cap’. Add some removable veiling to give your spring racing look some extra drama. Joan Collins, anyone? Available in Rabbits (black, white), Rabbits (with removable silver / black veiling), Minnie (green, white), Mickey (black) or Custom (please enquire)


Black & White

Crisp white and blacker blacks. What’s not to love? Watch the tendency to over-Cruella Deville-ify your look, and try to control that urge to head into terrifying Mad Max, gladiator-esque territory. We don’t need another hero, and gazelles are best left in the wild, not on public transport (or privately chartered choppers).

Q: What would Karl do?

Carlisle 1513341

Spring Racing Black White
Above: Preen ‘Carlisle’ L-R: Saba Alegra dress, Preen ‘Islington’ sunglasses, Each to Own ‘I Heart You’ studs in dark gold glitter, Lucy Folk ‘Cokoloko’ Cocktail clutch, Benah for Karen Walker Time Machine ‘Bella’ handbag, Marc Jacobs Mod Noir, ASOS shoe


Rock & Roll Racers

Let’s face it. There are those among us who, try as we might, just can’t do understated elegance.

Frills can make some women feel like a birthday gift, and even the simplest florals can make edgy people ‘Suddenly Frou Frou’.


My friend Jane does this look so well – a hint of leopard, black netting, a navy dress and a shock of red lipstick. Perfection. There are many ways you can express your inner rock child or love of robust red, but we suggest you try a Saint Laurent approach, using good quality spangles that you’ve effortlessly found and mixed yourself (or discovered in this post). Give gentle clues about who you are – be the acoustic version of your fully amped self – you can always head to Heartbreaker Bar afterwards.

Bouquet 2 1513335

Rock n Roll Racers
Above: Preen ‘Bouquet’ sunglasses L-R: Each to Own Mini Glitter studs, Limedrop nail polish in Weather Board/Great Barrier Reef, Lucy Folk Heirloom bracelet stack, Each to Own Lightning Bolt brooch, Lucy Folk ‘Fatal Attraction’ Cocktail clutch, Each to Own ‘I Heart You’ studs in red glitter, Preen ‘Carlisle’ sunglasses, Limedrop nail polish in Red Back, Stuart Weitzman ‘Fringelica Blasue’ shoe.


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This editorial was created by Melissa Ogier at The Garb Wire. Images supplied with thanks by The Human Chameleon, State of Folly, Each to Own, Coty Inc, Golightly PR, EVHPR & MFPR

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