Warm yourself by The Garb Wire fire: Style ideas for Winter.

Here is our Winter edit of refinery for maximum chic cold weather adornment. Be resplendent on the drabbest of grey streets; or a vision of loveliness around the house with no intention of leaving, unless you’re bound for sunny Cabo on a private jet (however unlikely).

First, we must master the art of entering a room in dramatic fashion, for no apparent reason. See below;

Image source: fucktonofanatomyreferencesreborn.tumblr.com

Cocktail hour. Makes an appearance.

Swans from front door to bedroom. Makes an appearance.

Fridge to bench. Makes an appearance.

Drawing the curtains in the morning. Makes an appearance.

Exits the shower. Makes an unforgettable appearance in a towel turban.

[repeat to fade]


Here are some other, perhaps more practical ideas:

Adopt a ‘no parka’ policy

If you’re considering spending $199 on a parka, resist the urge for ordinary, and let style win the day. Yes, basics are great, but statement pieces are too. Don’t be frightened to make your mark. Remember, anyone can put on a black raincoat.

TGW Winter Pics.jpg

L-R: Sollis Jewellery square stud earrings, Limedrop Teddy Fleece Lab Coat, Karen Walker cameo necklace, Shrimps Smith coat, Pared Eyewear ‘Sonny & Cher’ black and white sunglasses, Marc Jacobs Pear EDT, Limedrop ‘Gaytime’ nail polish, Shrimps Merkylie clutch.


See Donnie Darko at the movies again.

To celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the release of intriguing cult classic Donnie Darko, you can head to the flicks from June and watch it on the big screen. Click here for session locations and times.


Matinee Dressing

Dramatically long, flowing gowns or kimonos are specifically worn for an afternoon of ‘making leisurely appearances’ in your home, and staying in pyjamas all day with no apology. Best worn with a martini while listening to Doris Day.

Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest is a permanent style champion for TGW. Photo Credit: Paramount / The Kobal Collection

TGW Winter Slide pics.jpg

Dresses L-R: Fame and Partners ‘Petra’, Fame and Partners ‘Larissa’, Fame and Partners ‘About Love’, Earrings top to bottom: SOLLIS Jewellery ‘Kogo’ drop earrings, Edgeley Big Time Tassel earrings, SOLLIS Jewellery ‘Massai’ necklace.


Surprising Colour Palettes

Mix big, traditional tartans with unexpected hues of mint, baby blue, bright orange and teal. Start with a solid colour base, and let the excitement mount – a gun metal shift worn with black tights and boots will set the scene. Accessories should surprise and delight (not just other people. You.)

1940s reference
TGW Winter big checks

L-R: Scottish tartan swatches, Karen Millen dress in gun metal, mint reading glasses, SOLLIS Jewellery cross earrings, OPI Nail Lacquer in ‘It’s A Boy’, teal scarf, bright orange messenger bag.


Leave a Light On at Work

You can’t go wrong with a collared and cuffed shirt dress, unless it’s so short that colleagues wonder if you forgot to put pants on – #riskybusiness. Water colours and pastels are a perfect antidote to cold weather blues. Wrap yourself in layered texture and pattern combos for self assured style, keeping jewellery minimal. Why not install a neon lamp at your desk to show the world that you’re switched on and kind of exciting, even during the cooler months.

TGW Winter Work

L-R: Limedrop ‘Black Peach’ shirt dress, Linea Neon Flurorescent Lamp x Seletti at Third Drawer Down, Shrimps ‘Ariel’ coat in smoke grey and peach, Karen Walker Alternative Fit ‘Super Lunar Crazy Tort’ clear lens spectacles, SOLLIS Jewellery circle earrings, Limedrop ‘Tie Dye’ pencil skirt.


Run to Paradise

If, like me, you’re suffering through other people’s holiday snaps on social media, vow to make time at home to plan your own next great adventure. This needn’t be a particularly practical exercise. Let it be an indulgent time. Research and dream of the places you will get to. Then create a mood board. I’m on the French Riviera, I’m in the Bahamas. Escape via a good book, or get lost in Peggy Guggenheim’s world via documentary. Choose a wall and start a plate gallery at home (collect a mix of new and old, found in country bric-a-brac stores). If that all seems too hard, stay in bed or migrate to Hotel Hotel in Canberra for the Winter. Goodness knows we would.

TGW Winter Collect

L-R: ‘Sweet Caress’ by William BoydAmory Clay’s Uncle Greville, a photographer, gives her both the affection she needs and a camera, which unleashes a passion that irrevocably shapes her future. She begins an apprenticeship with him in London, photographing socialites for magazines. But Amory is hungry for more and her search for life, love and artistic expression will take her to the demi-monde of 1920s Berlin, New York in the 1930s, the Blackshirt riots in London, and France during the Second World War…, SOLLIS Jewellery ‘Bomba’ tassel necklace, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Lacquer in MintageAltered Antique Plate X Prince by Third Drawer Down, kikki.K PAUSE Collection notebooks, Peggy Guggenheim Art Addict documentary. Hotel Hotel in Canberra. Photos by The Garb Wire.


Watch the trailer here:


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