At Tate Modern: How Robert Rauschenberg changed American Art Forever

Robert Rauschenberg was an exciting innovator who blazed a new trail for art in the second half of the 20th century. Tate Modern celebrates his extraordinary six-decade career, telling the story of a remarkable artist whose influence is still felt today with the first major exhibition of his work in the UK for 35 years.

Rauschenberg’s quest for innovation led to the creation of his iconic Combines – hybrids between painting and sculpture – to signature silkscreen paintings and groundbreaking performance art.

The first retrospective of the artist since his death in 2008, iconic works on display at Tate from Rauschenberg’s six decade career include large-scale pop art screen prints picturing the likes of JF Kennedy (seen below); Monogram, a paint splattered taxidermy goat in a car tyre surrounded by street signs; and Bed, soiled sheets spattered with brushmarks.

Click the image below to see the exhibition trailer:


The ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG exhibition was organised by Tate Modern and The Museum of Modern Art, New York. It’s on now until 2 April, 2017.

Pictured at top: RR Untitled (spread) 1983, The RR Foundation (New York)

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