TGW Asks: St. Valentine’s Stories of Love & Stalking

We’re in the mood for love, so we asked some of our favourite creative women to share their experiences of Valentine’s Day and affairs of the heart. This lead us on a sweet discovery of both contempt and adoration.

Jane Rocca, Author, Groundbreaking Fashion

Jane Rocca. Photo credit: Pierre Baroni

What will you treat yourself to this Valentine’s Day? A manicure and pedicure at my usual place of indulgence in North Melbourne.

What’s your favourite tragic love song? What Love Is by Rocket from the Tombs.

What’s the worst romantic comedy you have ever seen? I didn’t like He’s Just Not That Into You. It’s a crap mantra about love and chasing the kinds that wear you down, and it tries to be funny, with a Hollywood list of actors we’re supposed to love, but it irritates instead.

Have you ever stalked someone, accidentally, or on purpose?

‘When I was 13, I was infatuated with a teenage boy who lived up the road from my grandma’s house. I’d ride past his house to see if he was hanging outside on his BMX.’

Can you show us a piece of artwork that makes you feel amorous? Anything by Angelique Houtkamp. I especially love ‘Sailor’s Sweetheart’ (shown below).

What song lyrics best describe your love situation? We’re in our ninth year of love so it has to be Love Potion No. 9 as performed by The Searchers [originally written by The Clovers].

Groundbreaking Fashion by Jane Rocca. Published by Smith Street Books. Out April. Pre-order your copy here.

Clairy Browne, Singer Songwriter


Have you ever stalked someone accidentally or on purpose?  How do you stalk someone accidentally ? Lol. Lurking is always on purpose! And yes.  I have most definitely done some lurking, hasn’t  everyone? 😳 I’m very good at it. I see all.

‘How do you stalk someone accidentally? Lurking is always on purpose!’

What’s your favourite tragic love song? There are so many! My go to is Adele, because cry, cry, cry.



Catch Clairy Browne on her ‘POOL‘ Album Tour in Australia this month :

Alice Edgeley, Designer


‘For Valentine’s I will be making myself a new catsuit in rose printed mesh, with a red sequinned heart over the bosoms and one on the bum.’

Describe your ultimate Valentine’s Day. My ideal Valentine’s Day would be in Venice with William, staying in the Palazzo Abadessa, dressed up in a new outfit all pink and red, wearing new high heels and tights, visiting museums and art galleries and drinking wine and wearing some gorgeous Metal Couture jewellery William has made for me!

What will you treat yourself to this Valentine’s Day? Maybe a Diptyque candle. Last year they did an amazing Rosa viola one it was like a flashback to my childhood, this gorgeous grown up smell. Like a really fancy lipstick in a candle. 

What’s your favourite tragic love song? We Belong Together by Mariah Carey, argggh I love that song, but my partner would spew if he even heard that song so this is totally a song for me to sing to myself in the car. I love Mariah!

Will you be dressing for love this Valentine’s Day
For Valentine’s I will be making myself a new catsuit in rose printed mesh, with a red sequinned heart over the bosoms and one on the bum.’ I made one out of these fabrics for a friend of mine, Carrie. She called it her Sensual Romance catsuit, so I want one too!

As part of Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Offsit Runway program Alice Edgeley has joined forces with Kara Baker and Nevada Duffy to bring present ‘Pleats x 3′ on 10 March.  Tickets are now on sale here.

Nussy, Singer & fellow style obsessive


‘I think it’s almost become a social norm to troll through your latest crush’s Instagram or Facebook page.’

Have you ever stalked someone, accidentally, or on purpose? With the advent of social media, it is all too easy these days to ‘stalk’ someone. Whether it’s to find the perfect photo of them to show your mates, to figure out whether that cute blonde was indeed their ex or just a friend, or to see if they seem to like the same things we do, flicking through a potential new partner’s social media profiles has become generally socially acceptable. We do it to people we haven’t even met yet, and to anyone out there who can say they haven’t, all power to you because I know I certainly have, along with basically everyone I know! I had a friend say to me while we were out the other day “I think I know that guy. No wait, I know him from Instagram.” Five years ago that probably would have been considered a little weird but in 2017 it’s completely normal.

I had a friend say to me while we were out the other day “I think I know that guy. No wait, I know him from Instagram.”

 What’s your favourite tragic love song? 1000 Sundowns by Emma Louise . No matter how many times I listen to it, I cannot listen to that track and not cry. I think the simplicity of the track brings out the emotion in the lyric that much more. It’s just a beautifully tragic sentiment.

Nussy’s new single ‘Hard As Diamonds’ is an exploration of the human reaction to hurt and turmoil.

Catch Nussy live this month and next: Sat 18 Feb Gaytimes Festival, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort 18+ Tickets here,  Sat 25 Feb Howler, Melbourne 18+ Feat. Tigertown DJ set, Lanks DJ set, Owen Rabbit, Native Spriti, Jebu Tickets here, Thur 16 Mar Marley Bar, Sydney 18+ Free Entry, Fri 17 Mar Oxford Art Factory, Sydney 18+ Free Entry.

Helen Shanahan, Singer Songwriter


‘My first love was Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame. I think ‘My Eyes Adored You’ by Frankie Valli summed up pretty well how I felt about him.’

What’s the worst romantic comedy you have ever seen? I thought there could be no such thing, until I saw ‘Valentines Day’. The creators tried too hard to make it like ‘Love Actually’ with all the intertwining plots and characters, but it didn’t have the same amount of heart to me! Not even Taylor Swift could save it.

Helen Shanahan’s new single ‘I Only Hide’ is a melancholic sprawl offering comfort to those who suffer from anxiety; a comfort that only true empathy can provide.

Catch Shanahan live in Perth: Wed 15 Feb | ‘I Only Hide’ launch at Villanova Music 18+, Tickets here, Sat 4 Mar Perth International Arts Festival, Tickets here.

Dressing for Love

Whether you wear your favourite lace deep undercover, or douse yourself in pretty potions, spend Valentine’s Day in contemplation of what it means to love and be loved. What do you love? Who do you love?


L-R: Intimo Abigail Dream Booster bra & brief, MAC lip gloss, By Charlotte Gold Blessed Buddha bracelet, Rainy Sunday copper flower frame, Petite Grand ring, kikki.K Box Heart: Met You. Some images courtesy


L-R: Petite Grand earrings, TOPSHOP top, Pared Eyewear sunglasses in emerald & dark tortoise, kikki.K ‘You float my boat’ Valentine’s card, Convict leather fringe clutch, Mavi white denim skirt, Benecos lipstick in catwalk red, Acca Kappa eau de parfum at Saison. Some images courtesy flaunter.comslide3

L-R: TOPSHOP underwear set, THESEEKE Rose Elixir, TOPSHOP dress, Pared Eyewear Flossy Pink sunglasses, THESEEKE temple balm, Sarah Conners stripe bucket bag. Some images courtesy

Tales from Tinder

If you’ve all but given up, watch Tales from Tinder and discover that you are not alone. People all over the world have had really awful experiences and have found a way to laugh about it. This web series features a cast of furry, fearless, flamboyant PUPPETS who re-enact actual Tinder dates from around the world.

Click the image below to listen to our St. Valentine’s Tragic playlist on Spotify:


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