The Garb Wire: Hits of 2017

Most days I find that there is much to love about being alive. Though Melbourne is my base, I seek and find that the world is large(ly open to all of us).

With the belief that I can, I set about making new discoveries and contacts around the world every day, attracting a welcome lifeline of creativity and excitement directly to my Inbox. This creates a place I can exist in beyond being mum (or tuckshop lady) to Jai, Leo & Hector.

I was honoured to interview Amy Shark in the midst of her meteoric rise to everything amazingness (I’m predicting she’s a contender for the top spot in this year’s Triple J Hottest 100 for Weekends). I also got to chat with Jim Eno, founding member of the legendary Spoon, and attend lots of music, film and food happenings in Melbourne and regional Victoria…dragging my nearest and dearest along for the ride. Professionally I continued working at Fancy Films, which I adore, and I got back in to styling – jobs that have come as a direct result of having a lady’s finger firmly on the pulse at all times.

Here are the most read stories on The Garb Wire for 2017;

Thanks to all who feed my soul with culture from Paris to Ireland, the United States, London, Greece, Sydney and Melbourne, my sister Tania, my dearest friends who share my passion and pop in from time to time, darling Richard for keeping this dream alive and you. Cheers to being a citizen of the world.

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