Check-In: MAISON the FAUX has a room collection at Hotel The Exchange and we all need to stay there


I get a lot of energy from people across the world who push boundaries by taking insane ideas and turning them into a reality.

If you don’t know, MAISON the FAUX is an Arnhem based creative studio posing as an upscale couturier, led by designers Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that endears me to them, whether it’s their brazen self inclusion in the fashion industry, or the pure artistic expression represented in their imagery and clothing. They describe their work as “an affectionate reaction to the current fashion industry”, but perhaps for me it’s the blend of all this with an exclusive dusting of je ne sais quoi – that intrigue and aloofness that cannot be bought.

Please enjoy this preview of Maison the FAUX’s themed collection of hotel rooms at Hotel the Exchange in Amsterdam, where all 61 rooms are decorated by fashion designers. Each room is unique and varies from 1-to-5 stars. If you’re local, head in this weekend for some retail therapy with an outrageous twist.

The FAUX Room Collection


Room 101 The Advertising


Room 105 The Consumer


Room 105 collides pure retail fantasy with claustrophobia – would we actually enjoy being buried by our purchases? When is it ok to stop consuming?

Room 504 The Changing Room


Room 317 The Catwalk


Aren’t you just itching to get inside to strut your stuff?


Room 701 Luxury Shopping


On 26 May MAISON the FAUX will host a boutique sale at the Hotel in collaboration with Adult. Antwerp. Step in to a fashion fantasy land & enjoy some bubbles while you’re at it.


Room 303 The Model



All six rooms by MAISON the FAUX at Hotel The Exchange are now available for booking HERE.

Hotel the Exchange
Damrak 50, 1012 LL Amsterdam


All photos by Cyriel Jacobs. Images supplied.


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