Superconscious: Status Anxiety for Men


Status Anxiety is an Australian men’s & women’s handbag, wallet and accessories brand, started in 2004. They pride themselves on “benevolent supremacy” with every piece in the collection, and through careful hardware, stitching and lining selection, they create unmissable items that are as intriguing, as they are stylish. Not everyone wants a style moment that screeches desperately for attention – some favour a quiet assuredness, a spring in step.

The “manbag” has been a “slow burn” growth category. Once in the realm of the taste-making gays, the manbag has arrived into the wider universe (as usually happens, in that order). The most obvious difference we can recall in mind’s eye, is how one carries the manbag (is this an opportunity for mandar (man radar) shining that hasn’t yet been discussed? Over the shoulder for gay, held down low to the ground, for straight? Discuss).

Urban_Lumberjack_BlackSince it is never acceptable to enter an office or restaurant sporting a knotted plastic shopping bag, and sometimes not quite the occasion to carry a briefcase, what do you use for those more smasual (smart. casual.) moments in life?

Using their minimalistic design sensibilities, Status Anxiety’s range of leather and canvas men’s accessories give discerning gentlemen some excellent options.

Stocked in over six hundred boutiques from Sydney to New York, the brand has firmly lodged itself within the modern style grid – between the smell of Italian leather, and the distinctive Australian design personality, customers the world over have embraced the brand with cultish rigor. Whatever it is, their collection confirms that carrying a man bag is no longer risqué, but can be done successfully with distinct nonchalance and an unassuming demeanour.


Status Anxiety Icon

Click here for a full list of stockists.

Images published with the permission of the brand.

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