Movement Sydney: 10 Things about Catlips

FBi’s Dance Class is a comprehensive DJ training and mentorship program for female dance music lovers. Catlips is set to perform at the launch alongside FBi DJs and strut the moves in a dance class from choreographer Amrita of Hollaback.

Here are 10 Things you should know:

01 Post show meditation and cup of tea, or after party? 
Some delicious cocktails for sure, and a good dance.

02 Who are you looking forward to seeing at moVement Sydney?
Tonnes of people! Fantastic man, Luis CL & Public Possession to name a few.

03 Who do you have a style crush on right now?
MosesGauntlettCheng – original and exciting designs, dominated at VFiles!

04 Do you have a favourite emerging Australian band/artist/producer/DJ?
A band called Dirty Chai from Perth… keep a look out.

05 Some people believe that happiness can stifle creativity, what’s your view?
I can understand that – for me it gets me motivated – if I’m satisfied with everything, it makes me want to jump in the studio and work.

06 Do you have a stylist/team of stylists, or do you back your own style?
My girlfriend is basically my personal stylist haaha, otherwise it’s me.

07 What is your favourite part of Australia?
Rottnest Island will always hold a very special place for me. (TGW: us too!)

08 Describe the feeling when you first walk out, and the crowd goes mad?
I’ll let you know when it happens 😉

09 Who do you dream of working with?
About 100 incredible electronic musicians…however as always, Missy Elliott.

10 Do you think you’ll ever tire of being on stage, performing live?
I hope not! It’s my favourite place to be, other than in the studio. I try to keep different projects on the go so I don’t get stale.

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