Movement Sydney: 18 Things about DREEMS

Ahead of this week’s Movement Sydney launch, Australian dance grandsire, DREEMS aka Angus Gruzman shares 18 insights with us as he gears up to support some of Movement Sydney’s international talent at the Super OpenAir party this Sunday.


01 Post show meditation and cup of tea, or after party? What does your cool down look like?
Cup of chai and off to the dungeon for a quick spanking before bed.


02 What is your favourite part of Australia?
Out back


03 Do you have a stylist/team of stylists, or do you back your own style?
Extensive team who back me up.


04 Who is your favourite designer to wear on stage?
The ‘Fluff or Die’ line by Bongmist has always been a favourite.


05 Will you linger or disappear as soon as you walk off stage?
Linger for the finger.


06 What’s your favourite Australian shop/place to eat/bar/artist?


07 Who are you looking forward to seeing at moVement Sydney?
The bartenders.


08 What are your essentials for festival performances?
EDM version of the national anthem of country of performance.


09 Do you partake in any strange rituals before going on stage?
I like to take a deuce.


10 Describe the feeling when you first walk out, and the crowd goes mad?
Glad I took that deuce.


11 Do you have a favourite emerging Australian band/artist/producer/DJ?
COLO emerges from Braidwood. Watch ya back.


12 Do you think you’ll ever tire of being on stage, performing live?
Depends how many stairs I have to climb to get up that stage.


13 What is your favourite song to perform?
The Sound Of Music – So Long, Farewell .


14 Elvis or The Beatles?


15 What song lyrics have stayed with you? Name Track and Artist.
The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby


16 Some people believe that happiness can stifle creativity, what’s your view?
Let them be sad and creative – maybe that’ll make them happy ?


17 Who do you have a style crush on right now?


18 Who do you dream of working with?


Listen to DREEMS

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