The Fashion In Flight Exhibition at San Francisco International Airport

Not only will I readily admit to you my fetish for vintage aviation attire, but I can also confirm that the party theme has long been firmly stowed away in my overhead locker, should the occasion ever (ever?) present itself. Overnight my friend Ali in San Francisco sent photographs from the new Fashion In Flight exhibition at San Francisco International Airport.


There are a few reasons why news of the exhibition excites us. Someone has made this style legacy easily accessible to everyone, in a usually tiresome place (any airport is simply the inconvenience before the holiday with its long queues, bad wine and oft disappointing duty free).  If you are a true citizen of the world, you will pay this exhibition a visit (a low cost holiday in itself, really). If this was on at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne, people may just be tempted to visit without a flight booking. Are you paying attention?

Photo by Alison Kilmer @winecountryvegan


Fashion In Flight shows the past 85 years of domestic and international female flight attendant attire. It’s a celebration of designers who created collections for the airlines and the impact their contributions made on fashion history, beyond aviation.

On display is the work of over 30 designers including Cardin, Cassini, Balenciaga, Pucci, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and Vivian Westwood.


All images by Alison Kilmer @winecountryvegan. Click gallery to take a closer look.


The Fashion In Flight exhibition is on at San Francisco International Airport in the International Terminal and The Aviation Museum.


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