MoVement Sydney: 10 Things About Heart People

Heart People is Ryan Grieve of Canyons and Rachel Rutt, artist and model. As part of MoVement Sydney, they’ll perform at Heaps Gay’s 3rd birthday at The Imperial Hotel in Newtown. They’ll be joined by CC Disco, Kimchi Princi, The Magda Szubanskis (drag) and loads of others. Here are 10 things you should know:

01 Post show meditation and cup of tea, or after party? What does your cool down look like?

A bit of both really, just depends on the show. If it’s worth it we’ll party but if not we’ll have a cup of team and a biscuit I guess.

02 What is your favourite part of Australia?

It sounds so simple, but of course, it’s the beach. We get nurtured by the sea, we get cleansed, it’s such a natural part of living in this country.

03 Do you have a stylist/team of stylists, or do you back your own style?

We’ve always had a lot of fun and wild ideas for costume, and since (Rachel) is a maker, a lot of our ideas have been executed by hand, or with our friend Pauly Bonomelli of Hi Mum I’m Dead. He’s been behind our videos too.

04 Will you linger or disappear as soon as you walk off stage?


05 What are your essentials for festival performances?

 A masseuse, ingredients for negronis and Doritos for Rachel.

06 What is your favourite song to perform?

It’s called Feel It, and what we love about performing it is that it is largely quite free towards the end and we build it up together ad lib.

07 Elvis or The Beatles?

The Beatles. Watched ‘Eight Days A Week at the cinema recently and just loved the simplicity of the way they worked.

08 What song lyrics have stayed with you?

“Where are you going my beautiful friend?

Is this the road that we take to the end?

And if  we break down are we left behind?

Or is this the highway of all mankind?”

B.A.D II – The Globe

09 Some people believe that happiness can stifle creativity, what’s your view?

Happiness is creativity.

10 Who do you dream of working with?

Peter Jackson is on the list, but in all honesty we like to work with people we know. Someones ideas can sound good in theory, but it doesn’t always translate into actuality that well. That’s why we work with a team of people that know what we’re about as people and as artists. There’s much less room for misinterpretation working this way and when it involves capturing or creating a mood of sorts, you need to be confident that those around you get and properly understand what it is you’re after. You build your own language that way, which really suits us.

Watch Heart People Show You:

Heaps Gay 3rd Birthday is on Saturday 22 October 2016 from 10:00 PM – Sunday, 23 October 2016 to 4:00 AM

Buy tickets here.


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