Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists at NGV

The exclusive Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists exhibition launched in Melbourne on Friday, and it’s open at NGV until 26 February, 2017.

The self-confessed outsiders of the fashion world formed their artistic partnership in 1992, and have gained international acclaim for their distinctive methodology and experimentation with design technology.

The exhibition displays some of the most audacious works by the pair, including over 35 haute couture pieces from the their collections, and an edit of earlier designs from the Viktor&Rolf archive, as well as international museum collections. The cut out shapes and textures, tulle, wheat sacks and gem stones will leave you spellbound.

One of the most alluring features of the exhibition is the Viktor & Rolf ‘Dolls’ project: replicas of antique dolls dressed in the designers’ most iconic looks. I normally start giggling nervously when in the company of scary dolls, but somehow Viktor & Rolf manage to make them adorable, in an aloof and untouchable couture sense. I mean, I’m not going to sit one on my pillow, now.

In 2016 Viktor&Rolf continue to challenge the ideas of art and fashion emerging, with masterful contrasts of minimalism and opulence, romance and excess, exuberance and control. Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists is on now at NGV International until 26 Feb, 2017.

Hamming it up in the Atelier: Viktor & Rolf for Kids photobooth.

For tickets and more information, visit NGV’s website.

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