Finding Common Ground at NGV International

In this free exhibition, each display is anchored by the central theme of the common ground between creative disciplines. The display draws from the NGV’s permanent collections of contemporary art, design, fashion, decorative art, photography, prints and drawings.

The themes – urbanism, nature, time, masculinity and anthropomorphism – allow viewers to explore how ideas, materials, mediums and forms flow, recur or overlap between works of art and design. From the outside in, it looks like the use of unlikely media together, often ordinary objects or nature, are used to create entirely new structures or purpose.


Common Ground is on now at NGV International until February. Entry is FREE.

Pictured at top: Patricia PICCININI Nest (2006)  enamel paint on fibreglass, leather, plastic, metal, rubber, mirror, transparent synthetic polymer resin, glass (a-b) 104.2 x 197.0 x 186.4 cm (variable) (installation) ed. 2/3 National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Purchased, Victorian Foundation for Living Australian Artists, 2006 2006.415.a-b © Courtesy of the artist


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