Melbourne Music Week: Stargazed Projection Art + Music Festival

Melbourne band Fierce Mild are excited to present the next edition of their video art and music project, Stargazed, a not-for-profit artist and musician run initiative of events that transform venues into immersive art installations, pairing live musos with visual artists, creating a surreal experience for the performers, and of course, the audience.

The theme this year is Underwater Galaxies and will be presented as part of Melbourne Music Week in the Self Made Series. The event will feature an idiosyncratic mix of bands spanning psychedelic, shoegaze, electronic and experimental acts until 4am. Other acts on the bill include Rat & Co, Primitive Calculators, Pony Face & Beloved Elk.

Underwater Galaxies challenges the artists to respond to the title – feelings of the unknown – a place where little to no light resides but one where life surely exists.

 The musical lineup:

  • Rat & Co
  • Primitive Calculators
  • Fierce Mild
  • Pony Face
  • Brooke Powers
  • Eddie Hale
  • Beloved Elk
  • Kalacoma
  • Huntly
  • Dark Fair

Stargazed is happening at Ding Dong Lounge on Friday 18 November, and tickets are on sale now.

Get social:

Colour Stargazed Underwater Galaxies Poster .png

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