Ed Banger Records celebrates 14 years with the best compilation we’ve ever heard

An excellent new album is coming out on 12 May.

Pedro Winter a.k.a. Busy P founded Ed Banger Records in 2003. Since then, the low-key Parisian rock’n’roll cool of the label has flourished, becoming one of global clubland’s most colourful and recognisable music outlets. Though now in its teens, Ed Banger  Records remains gleefully youthful with a steadfast grip on the spirit of the party.

When asked about Ed Rec 100, Winter explained that because it was too hard to choose which artist should do the 100th release for the label, they asked everybody to make a track for it.


Ed Rec 100 is the label’s first compilation since 2013, and features 17 exclusive tracks from their artist roster, with new songs from Breakbot, Busy P, Cassius, Mr Oizo, a remix Of Justice’s ‘Randy’ by Boyz Noise, and much anticipated new music from Sebastian.

Listen to  the first single by Busy P, ‘Genie’ feat. Mayer Hawthorne

Pre order ED REC 100 now.

Ed Banger logo



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