Meet Kacy Hill: Kanye West’s protégé has a new album coming out

Music chanteuse Kacy Hill first created a buzz back in 2015 with her Bloo EP. Arizona-born Hill first fell in love with performing after appearing in a performance troupe for Kanye West’s Yeezus tour, with West quick to sign and mentor the young singer.

Following Kanye’s advice, Hill tweaked her sound and her story as an artist; focusing on her voice, finding her own melody and writing from the heart. The result is a new album called Like A Woman, out 30 June, with Kanye West is listed as Executive Producer.

The first two singles, Hard to Love, produced by Stuart Price, and the title track, Like A Woman, produced by DJ Mustard, introduce listeners to Hill’s evolving sound. The album is filled with songs about intimacy, longing, heartbreak and exploration.

Hard to Love is a sweet pop track that shows vulnerability in its vocals. Watch the official video here.

And, Like a Woman gently builds a slow-burning piano sound with more ethereal vocals from Hill.

Like A Woman is available for pre-order now.

Kacy Hill.png

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