The Freeman Journal launches fashion capsule for citizens of the world

The Freeman Journal prides itself as a high-fashion online presence that celebrates ultimate travel destinations, luxury lifestyle and fine art from around the world. It’s everywhere we’d rather be.

Founder Jack Freeman has just launched his own capsule collection aptly named, “FREE_MAN”. Referencing the rebellion of youth and fashion – the capsule collection highlights the rise of street culture and new trendsetters expressing their unique style and image.

Freeman says that “as we reflect and become inspired by current world happenings, it’s impossible not to use bold text and symbolism to convey messages surrounding fashion and the rebellion of youth.”

“I think it’s an exciting time, you know these days the discreet nature of high society is so completely different to how it once existed. These days you will often rub shoulders with some of the world’s [successful movers & shakers] at 3am in a night-club in St Tropez, adorned in a simple designer sweatshirt and sneakers”.

This new pared-down trend is what inspired Freeman to develop the new collection, with its limited edition pieces in all-black with bold white text and imagery.

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