Across Australia’s bumbling information super highway, we caught up with producers Jesse Sewell (aka PORSCHES) & Matthew Khabbaz (aka TIGERILLA), the two masterminds behind SUPER CRUEL. Between Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide we had much to discuss and it is with thanks mainly to the internet.

TGW: Your first song ‘November’ features Lisa Mitchell. How did that line up come about? 

Porsches: We’ve always been big fans of Lisa Mitchell! We share the same label and were stoked to have her sing on the track.

Tigerilla: LISA IS AN ANGEL. We were lucky for the link up and forever grateful.


TGW: So…why didn’t she want to stay in the band? 

Tigerilla: She is in the band (incognito) [and pictured above].

TGW: Who else do you dream of teaming with? 

Porsches: Nick Littlemore, Baauer, The Weeknd

Tigerilla: MØ, What So Not

TGW: The video for ‘November’ stars prominent Australian beauty vlogger Cartia Mallan. What was it about Cartia that caught your attention?  

Porsches: She is super talented + inspiring + really fitted the vibe for the video.

Tigerilla: She is wonderful and perfect for our vibe 🙂

TGW: So do you know many Beauty Vloggers? 

Porsches: Cartia is our girl for beauty tips.

Tigerilla: This is a no from me. Cartia is the best so we love to support her!

TGW: You’re playing Splendour in the Grass this year. What are you most looking forward to? 

Porsches: I’m mostly looking forward to taking the songs we have made in the studio to a live festival audience.

Tigerilla: Yeah, it will be fun to see this project come to life in a festival environment!

‘I’m mostly looking forward to taking the songs we have made in the studio to a live festival audience [at Splendour In The Grass].’

TGW: Have you tried Byron Bay Organic Doughnuts? If not, you MUST add them to your rider. 

Porsches: Can you pls give us some?

TGW: Erm… can I fax some to you?

Tigerilla: Link us uppppp.

TGW: I’ll see what I can do. Don’t forget me when you’re scoffing them backstage. Do you have any weird pre-show rituals?  

Porsches: Plenty of yoga stretches, prayer hands.

Tigerilla: Prayer hands for sure! And skipping gets the blood pumping. Or a vodka soda.

TGW: I love how quickly that went from wellness, namaste vibes to vodka. Do you hang about after the show, or sip tea and head to bed? I think I know what the answer will be. 

Porsches: After the show, it’s the after party, and after the party it’s the hotel lobby.

Tigerilla: What Jesse said!

TGW: Tigerilla, I first learned of your good work via your remix of Tulips 2.0 feat. Gill Bates. It’s mad. And we started tag teaming on Twitter from then. Like a sharing frenzy. Thank you. 

Tigerilla: My pleasure! Glad you dig 🙂

TGW: You both have quite a profile in Australia. What are your hopes for overseas, the world and/or entire universe?  

Porsches: Connecting with a bigger audience across the world is definitely the master plan!! Our fortune teller told us we would be visiting America sooner than we think.

‘Connecting with a bigger audience across the world is definitely the master plan!!’

Tigerilla: A world take over – I’m keen to experience different cultures and learn about the music landscape.

TGW: Do you dream of playing festivals like Coachella or… Fyre Festival? ? 

Porsches: Coachella would be a dream gig!!

Tigerilla: Fyre for sure haha – Coachella or maybe Burning Man!

TGW: How do you think the latest bout of terrorists targeting music lovers /concert goers will affect ordinary people who love a good stadium concert?

Tigerilla: It’s definitely put unwarranted fear in people’s heads, but I think we need as a community to break down those barriers and make music shows a safe place for everyone.

TGW: If you could say one thing to each other now via The Garb Wire, what would it be? 

Porsches: I just want Matt (Tigerilla) to know that he is the hardest working person I know and that good things are coming his way!

Tigerilla: That I respect Jesse’s hustle and he inspires me every day.

TGW: Do you think Producers are now having their time in the sun? More and more of you seem to be becoming artists yourselves, instead of working behind the scenes magic.

Porsches: I think it’s interesting to see the rise of the producer as the artist. I don’t think it’s necessarily been an overnight thing, producers like Timbaland, Diplo and Mike Will have been steering both the ship as the producer and artist for years and years.

Tigerilla: Maybe it’s not overdue, but it’s great to see the light shining now!

TGW: Turning to style now… What Australian brands are you obsessed with right now?

Porsches: Huffer [TGW ed: ok, NZ then], Zanerobe

Tigerilla: Bailey Nelson for eyewear!

TGW: Is there a usual “uniform” that you wear when you’re performing? 

Porsches: All Black

TGW: What’s your favourite mindless distraction? 

Porsches: Scrolling through the ‘Gram, Rolling through the 6 [TGW ed: errr.. ok…Drake reference?] 
Watching Stranger Things.

TGW: What can we expect from SUPER CRUEL this year? 

Porsches: We have a new single coming soon and we’re touring.
Tigerilla: HEAPS!


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