M/FW: RMIT Student Designer Exhibition

RMIT School of Fashion & Textiles presented a selection of works from 2017 final year students at Melbourne Central this week.

We trapsed through the Behind the Scenes installation, admiring the work of students in their final and first years of study. The exhibition ran the length of one of the mall’s glass corridors to Emporium. It showed different perspectives and aesthetics from the students, who used weaving techniques, leather, tulle and gathering to excess.

Benjamin Garg

My favourite work was by first year Master of Fashion Design student Benjamin Garg. His voluminous creations took gathering and tulle to another level, all done in the crispest of hues, with maximum ethereal, yet futuristic impact. We’re looking back, but we’re facing the future with this one.

Behind the Scenes

This display was so much more than the work of the students in photographs. The total installation was built using milk crates and upcycled clothing rails re-sprayed in musk, giving the display high impact against the dreary grey floors, with blue skies and Melbourne’s city skyline in the background.

Seen at top: @madebymargi_
new garb wire logo LRG

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