Added extra (XXL) at LA Food Fest this weekend

There are times, we can confirm, when life’s important answers simply cannot be found at the bottom of a lone juice cup.

LA’s biggest blow out for the year is happening this weekend, so you can find out for yourselves what we mean.

Check out the line up for the 9th annual LA Food Fest here – savour some of the world’s top asaderos, taste the flavours of NYC’s favourite bakeries and snack on some serious vegan tacos and tamales.

The best part is that you pay once and eat and drink to your heart’s content. One all inclusive ticket price includes everything. Yes, everything.

Plus, there are VIP packages available too (what, on-site lipo, pimped up ambulances and emergency track pants included? Ha! You wish).

One all inclusive ticket price for LA Food Fest includes everything. Yes, everything.

LA Food Fest is happening on Saturday 8 September, 2018 at Santa Anita Park. For more info and to buy tickets, click here.



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