Tell Your Friends: Spring Is IN.

img_8864Google searches are the start of most creative ideas for me. Well, for most people. For instance, when I was considering how to approach a Spring style edit in my own voice, I wondered what to ask Mr. Googleplex. I typed in Films about Spring. It’s funny, in our quest for answers we accidentally find all manner of things, whether it’s an odd image that’s awkwardly delightful, or a chance encounter with genius. That’s how my brain works, anyway – it’s brimming with unexpected left turns that take you to the most exhilarating crossroads. Don’t aim for the middle, you do not have to dress like a cloned ladybot. Vacuous will still be vacuous ten years from now, but with a few more lines. You’ll hear shrieks of ‘but they told me if I lived on chia seeds and air, that my life would be the most organic, wellness, yummy mummy, perfectly curated adventure ever! Someone has to payyyy!’ Why not make your own life amazing, and stop pretending that all you see on the internet is real. You are what is real, and you cannot be fixed with a vanity app. Walk this way.

The Garb Wire Spring style edit is inspired by films that were either filmed during Spring, or of the season.

Keep your bejewelled ears to the ground. Fun is coming soon.

No. 1: The Secret Garden

No. 2: Spring in Park Lane

No. 3: Palm Springs Weekend

TGW Spring Briefs.jpg

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