Love is Love: Johnny Rock spreads cheer in uncertain times, dares everyone to cover love songs & share them on social media

When Melbourne music man Johnny Rock (Pretty City) grew tired of seeing hate manure splashed around social media on Australia’s marriage equality postal survey, he grabbed his guitar, some friends and filmed himself performing The Beatles classic love song, Real Love.

Rock hopes that others will join in and film their own or covers of love songs and keep flooding social media with love to keep the community feeling a little brighter.

He says, I’ve had many friends who have become really upset about the negativity. I’ve had friends deactivate their social media accounts because it was all getting too much. You can support your mates with likes and hearts all you want, but there’s a point where even the strongest people start to break down. So as a muso I thought I could do something else to not only support marriage equality but maybe ease some of the pain out there.’

Your Mission: Everyone has a smart phone. Film yourselves performing a love song, and post it on social media with the hashtag #lovesongsforequality. Can’t play an instrument? No problem. Mime along to a love song. Do a performance art piece to a love song. Do whatever takes your fancy, but just post the video and share the love.


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