Tune. Sounds for Daydreaming

Some music washes over you like a rosewater spritz to the face.

Welcoming, harmonious melodies can calm your nerves and perfectly perch themselves beside whatever it is that you’re doing with your life. If you have less time to read and more time to listen, head straight to the playlist here. Otherwise, right this way…

Jeffe: Whoever You Love, I’m Cool

‘It’s the sound of a day dream – half asleep, dusty, its unreliable narrator convinced only of soon having to descend back down into the haze from where it came’.

Cigarettes After Sex: Apocalypse

Cigarettes After Sex became one of my favourite bands this year after Raf Simons played Apocalypse during his runway collection for Calvin Klein. They are a dream pop ensemble from Texas who instantly teleport you back to the Mazzy Star time of endless possibility. Their back catalogue consists of entirely listenable dreamy goodness, and while this isn’t strictly (or at all) new, it may be new to you. The band is touring Australia this January and the shows are largely sold out, but those who are keen usually find a way of making things happen.

Villette: Bag of Bones

Bag of Bones is the first single from Auckland electronic producer and singer Villette‘s forthcoming mixtape Drip Crimson.

Villette says, [thetrack] is about a feeling of emptiness, quite literally a “bag of bones”. The mixtape Drip Crimson follows the process of a girl going through an unhealthy/toxic relationship.”

Villette is bringing Drip Crimson to Melbourne next week, performing with Baro, Big Words, ESESE & Nasty Mars at an event co-presented by Valve Sounds & Complex AU for Melbourne Music Week. Check out event here.

PicaPica: Small Time/Secret

One for sorrow and two for joy. PicaPica features the vocal interplay of Josienne Clarke and Samantha Whates, dual front women who create powerful harmonies atop layers of texture created by Adam Beattie & Sonny Johns. Their debut EP Spring & Shade comes out on Friday 8 December.

Morgan Saint: You

Morgan Saint hails from New York and masters the sub genre of moody pop.

Didirri: Jude

Jude is the second single from Didirri‘s debut EP, and comes from a time when the Melbourne singer found himself in a state of mind where there seemed to be no way out, but also coming to know that these thoughts were chemical and would pass. And that they did, Didirri has just sold out his Australian tour and will head to SXSW in 2018.

For his headline shows, Didirri will be joined by brand new Melbourne act Ro, as well as Moreton in Brisbane, Kat Edwards in Melbourne, and Don’t Smile in Sydney.

Alexander Biggs: I’ll Go My Way

It’s another Melbourne artist, Alexander Biggs, who has a clear vision for his new music; emotionally tuned, melodically captivating, and philosophically grounded, rising up from a place of fear and uncertainty, with hope and self-acceptance.

Lo Moon: Thorns

The band knew that Thorns had a life of its own from day one. They loved jamming on it and it was the first song they attempted when they arrived in Seattle to start work on their LP. Lo Moon is Matt Lowell, Crisanta Baker, and Sam Stewart (son of Dave Stewart, The Eurythmics).

Listen for Longer…

Petit Biscuit: Presence

Following two sold out North American tours this year, and in addition to festival sets and headline sold out dates across his native Europe, wunderkind French producer Petit Biscuit has revealed a stunning debut album Presence, featuring a lush new Lido collab,  Problems.

Petit Biscuit—a.k.a. Mehdi Benjelloun—wrote, produced and mixed Presence independently over the last year, finding time between high school exams and a rampant international touring schedule.  The album includes contributions from Bipolar Sunshine and Panama in addition to Lido. Take a listen on our playlist, or search it up.

Petit Biscuit.jpg

Bing & Ruth: Dorsal

Bing & Ruth is an ever-evolving collective steered by composer and pianist David Moore. The Dorsal EP is a short collection of songs written and recorded alongside the group’s recent album, No Home of the Mind, released earlier this year. The How of it Sped has been a slow burning anthem for me in 2017. Moore describes the work on Dorsal as a small family deserving of their own house separate.

Bing & Ruth provides the perfect soundtrack for creativity, no matter the time of day, or plane you’re walking on. Both album and EP are outstanding.

The Japanese House: Saw You In A Dream

This has been another huge EP for us this year, with the title track being played around one million times throughout an epic renovation and house move. Hear it on our playlist.


A short while ago Lisa Mitchell released a sweet EP of 90s covers delivered in her usual wistful style.’When They Play That Song’ includes covers of the Spice Girls’ Stop and Lovefool by The Cardigans – a huge hark back to Baz Luhrman’s Romeo & Juliet.

When They Play That Song - EP 1.jpg

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