Melissa Ogier

The Garb Wire is a style conservatory… filled with observations of music and fashion victories on the streets of the world. It’s things we covet, design & the arts. Time spent in the fashion, music and advertising industries has allowed Mel Ogier to rub shoulders with the cutting edge of style. She measures success not by the cracking pace of others, but the slow burn of imagination, music, knowledge, and travel.

I am a cliché: swan in to a Sydney pop up party by EDGELEY + Doodad & Fandango

Q: What do you get when you cross one of Melbourne’s most glamorous fashion designers with a groundbreaking Sydney pop-art jewellery brand? A: Campy good times celebrating independent Australian fashion! Alice Edgeley presents a special launch of her summer collection with the plastique fantastique accessories of Nikita Majajas (Sydney’s own DOODAD + FANDANGO). Attend the […]