Pleased to Meet Hew

We first spotted Ema Hewitt’s menswear at the recent We Wear Future exhibition at BSG gallery in Fitzroy, and ever since being on our radar, we’ve been acutely aware of the splash Hew’s making in Melbourne’s dress-to-be-seen clique.

Armed with a Bachelor of Fashion from RMIT in Melbourne, Hewitt dabbled in costume design, and designing womenswear, but her path  kept returning her to menswear. After graduating in Melbourne, she was a fashion intern in Paris, and LA, where her fascination with contemporary and sophisticated menswear pieces grew.

Hew came to be when Ema saw a gap in the menswear market, after working in costume design and wardrobe on shows like Mad Men and various Australian TV dramas. image

She noticed an absence of fun, sophisticated prints for her leading men  to wear, and set out to create vibrant and interesting pieces for men to fashion themselves in at all manner of social engagements, keeping the colour palettes light, with pastels to hush otherwise bold, playful prints.

In 2014, Ema travelled the world to source the finest fabrics for her brand; her textiles are mainly sourced from Japan. She then worked in collaboration with local artists and graphic designers, creating the prints that are iconic to Hew, and suddenly found herself with an entire  collection.

Bringing her rich background in costume design and menswear, Ema Hewitt brings you a range of pieces that talk to L.A., sun-kissed beaches and modern living, with that all important Australian quirk .


Not sure how to wear Hew? Start with the pattern, and build around it, using blocks of wildly masculine shades in cognac, tobacco & navy. Wear a shirt under your favourite sports jacket for just a hint of fun, or dive in with a twin suit, and coloured suede loafers (yes, those are your only options).

Shop the collection here, and use the promo code ‘garbwire’ to save 15% on your purchase., plus get free worldwide shipping.


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