VAMFF Offsite Runway: Pre-5 with HEW Clothing

While Ema Hewitt busily readies herself to preview at tonight’s VAMFF Offsite Runway show in Collingwood, we harassed asked her a quick 5 questions to learn about the effort that goes in to having her own runway show.

We’re a long way from our first introduction – her clothing exhibition as part of VAMFF’s 2015 cultural program – and it’s very exciting to watch.

The Autumn 16 Hew Collection will feature paintings from Melbourne based artist (and Hewitt’s partner) Augustus Geddes – transforming the abstract paintings from the canvas onto the body. The Osment Collection is named after the street where they share a home and studio.

1/ How is it working together? Best bits/Any challenges?

EH: Challenges come across in miscommunication – Sometimes it is hard to explain ideas to creative partners as a lot can get lost in translation. I am always discovering new ways to express my view of an end product.

2/ Your new collection also features collaborations with artists Laura Bernard and Eliza O’Sullivan. Tell us about your collaborative selection, and the intent behind it. 

EH: HEW reaches out to collaborate with local creatives within the community. This helps provide exposure for both artists; each HEW item has details on the swing tag about who collaborated on the design for that particular print. This allows the customer to connect with the creators and feel confident that they are supporting the local creative community.

 FKM SYD img2

3/ What has the lead time been for your VAMFF Offsite Runway Autumn 16 Preview this Thursday night?  

EH: There is so much preparation that goes into events like these. I am extremely lucky that I have been able to set up parts a couple of days before.

 ‘After finding menswear a bit lacklustre, I created HEW to introduce colour and bold prints into the male wardrobe. Once upon a time menswear was just as exciting as womenswear, and it’s important for men to be able to express themselves through clothing. In 2016, I find more men craving variety and quality in menswear.’

– Ema Hewitt


4/ How long does it take you to produce new stories for each season?

EH: As soon as I release a range I start working on the next. It is a long process because we design the fabric, which takes a long time with artist and print etc – two months for fabric, three-four months for design development and production.

5/ What can we look forward to at the launch on Thursday night? 

The runway will be the highlight – it will be exciting to see the new collection on the body.


In 2016 Ema very much looks forward to working with some great new artists and opening a permanent HEW retail space.


In addition to the Offsite Runway, HEW Clothing has been shortlisted in the finals for the 2016 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Fashion film series.


Filmed in the colder months of 2015, ‘It all Starts with HEW’ features The HEWman, who lets us into his home as he prepares for someone special by exploring his style through the colourful, HEW prints.
The colourful pieces inspire a sense of style, harking back to a nostalgic time period, when fabulous prints and brilliant colour we worn. The retro interiors and playful nature of the film is a reflection of the HEW brand.


Read our first story on Hew Clothing here.

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