NOW SOUND: Melbourne’s Listening to premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival

It’s quite a thing to be proud of where you live, which in our case happens to be known as the Music Capital of the world. Now there’s a film to prove it.

Melbourne is a thriving and fertile oasis for music movers and makers. On Friday 10 August, during the 2018 Melbourne International Film Festival KEWL Studios will launch their monumental Australian music documentary ‘NOW SOUND : Melbourne’s Listening’. And then they’ll host one hell of an after party. Rock never sleeps/music is life/”and you can tell Rolling Stone…”.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Dead set legends who are a jewel in Melbourne’s psychedelic rock crown.

NOW SOUND is a documentary about listening that dives deep into the contemporary Australian music landscape. It explores the climate in our vast, dynamic and most passionate music community between 2016 – 2018, with its challenges that constantly threaten to undermine it.


Director and filmmaker Tobias Willis and producer Marcus Rimondini of KEWL Studios will premiere their debut feature length documentary NOW SOUND : Melbourne’s Listening as part of this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival.

Shot over two years, NOW SOUND is an investigation into what makes this haven so. The film focuses on a vibrant music scene showing unique artists and sub-cultures that run through the city, and the measures taken to foster and preserve them. Talking to artists, producers, event organisers, labels, radio broadcasters, critics, writers, venues, record stores and organisations NOW SOUND serves as a unified voice for Melbourne’s passionate music community.

The After Party

On Friday 10 August, to celebrate the world premiere of ‘NOW SOUND : Melbourne’s Listening’ the MIFF FestivalLounge and KEWL are throwing a free post-screening after party open to both ticket-holders and the general public, with a killer lineup of local artists that feature in the film.

Electronic performer and DJ SIMONA will bring her synth-pop and stadium techno, drawing from her deep love of dance’s dark linage and evoking a liminal dreaming of catharsis and brutal confrontation. Musician and producer Sui Zhen will have you melting into her musical selections from lover’s rock, ambient techno to ‘80s electronic bossanova and songs with deep feeling and groove. Made up of hip hop traditionalists in Melbourne producer Skomes and Californian born Australian resident MC Cazeaux O.S.L.O, the night will be headlined by dynamic local duo SO.Crates who are quickly becoming one of the city’s most sought-after live acts.


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