Want It To End: experience musical VR with Fierce Mild in Fitzroy

Melbourne band Fierce Mild will run a short series of virtual reality performances at Aeso Gallery from 9-12 May.

Happily occupying the audio-visual, experiential space, Fierce Mild crafts cinematic wonderment for every performance, pushing what you already know of ‘taking in live music’ to the outer limits.

The visuals of Want It To End and the expansive art rock promises to draw the audience into a Lynchian dreamscape.

The Want It To End experience aims to offer another dimension to Fierce Mild‘s music, pushing the boundaries of what it means to see and hear live music performance.

‘Want It To End’, is a 20 minute immersive, multi-sensory experience which only two people experience at a time. Fierce Mild will play live while participants watch a virtual reality lm, in which they are the protagonist guided by a mysterious man through a virtual dystopian, rural Australian landscape. Also engaging your touch of touch, taste and smell, Fierce Mild will plunge punters deep into the dark waters of Stephanie Peters’ cinematic world, as they feel awe, isolation and confusion.

Want It To End takes place at Aeso Studio, Fitzroy with limited performances from the opening on Wednesday 9th May to Sunday 13th May. Tickets are limited and can be purchased HERE.


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